New York Times Crossword Answers March 30, 2021

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Author: Alex Rosen and Brad Wilber
Editor: Will Shortz


Workers with taxing schedules, for short? CPAS
Japanese brewery ASAHI
Who's the Boss? HUGO
Prefix with pad HELI
Big name in vacuum cleaners and fans DYSON
Cell with 23 unpaired DNA strands OVUM
Longtime co-star of Mariska Hargitay on "Law & Order: SVU" ICET
Big Mac ingredient ONION
Taste with a little zip TANG
Compensating reduction of greenhouse gas emissions CARBONOFFSET
Stomach soother ANTACID
Bedouin stopping points OASES
Loops in, in a way CCS
° martial arts maneuver SPINKICK
Willy of children's literature WONKA
Abbr. on a scenic overlook sign ELEV
Slippery EELY
Fourth word of the "Star Wars" prologue AGO
Person known by a single name, as found in 20-, 29-, 47- and 55-Across MONONYM
Little shut-eye NAP
Swivel on an axis SLUE
Some barbecue fare RIBS
Subside ABATE
Distance for a first down TENYARDS
Leading female role in "Pulp Fiction" MIA
Collectible car of the late '50s EDSEL
Sleep inducer of folklore SANDMAN
Greedy person's cry MINEMINEMINE
Tennis's Nadal, to fans RAFA
In the midst of AMONG
One of the sisters in Chekhov's "Three Sisters" OLGA
Obligation to do something ONUS
Color slightly TINGE
Swerve (into) VEER
Where one might go through withdrawal? BANK
"Animal House" character named for an animal OTTER
Blunders ERRS


Girl, in Guadalajara CHICA
Pie nut PECAN
"___ the media!" ALERT
Partner of "relax" SITBACK
Mortal lover of Aphrodite ADONIS
Gathering of bishops SYNOD
"You wish!" ASIF
Body part where a shoe goes HOOF
Some establishments next to airports INNS
Provocative, quickly produced opinion piece HOTTAKE
Campus designed by Thos. Jefferson UVA
Word with ray or tommy GUN
"Srsly?!" OMG
Philosopher who lent his name to a "razor" OCCAM
Seemingly forever EON
Tuscan city SIENA
Stroke of brilliance ECLAT
Modern kind of call SKYPE
Opposites of picker-uppers? SLOBS
Calligraphy tools PENS
Climber in academia? IVY
It may be hazardous WASTE
Looked at lustfully OGLED
Majority of Mad Libs entries NOUNS
Mystery writer Blyton ENID
Only defenseman to have won the N.H.L. scoring title (1970, 1975) ORR
Down East, to a New Englander MAINE
Flight sleeping aid EYEMASK
"Uh-oh, you shouldn't have done that!" BADMOVE
Mahershala with two Oscars ALI
Makeshift crib, once MANGER
Burn slightly SINGE
Distance runner MILER
___ management ANGER
Looms, say NEARS
Kind of alphabet NATO
Send out EMIT
French peak MONT
Hold up ROB
Japan's largest carrier ANA
When tripled, 1964 Beach Boys hit FUN
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