New York Times Crossword Answers March 31, 2021

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Author: Trenton Charlson
Editor: Will Shortz


Becomes less important by comparison PALES
Newspaper unit PAGE
"The Garden of Earthly Delights" painter BOSCH
Bitcoin, e.g. ECASH
Hubbubs ADOS
Bear who sings "The Bare Necessities" in a 1967 Disney film BALOO
City near St. Petersburg TAMPA
Bellyache CARP
Benjamin Franklin is depicted on the first U.S. one (1847) STAMP
Virtuoso ACE
"C'mon, open the door!" LETMEIN
s supermodel with a palindromic name EMME
Like regular exercise and happiness, per research LINKED
Put one's trust in DEPENDON
Fill to the gills SATE
rd prez GWB
Mrs., on Majorca SRA
Japanese salad herb UDO
Pint-size PEEWEE
Something to believe in TENET
Smaller parts making up a larger whole … with a hint to the six groups of shaded squares in this puzzle BUILDINGBLOCKS
Brand of knives touted in classic infomercials GINSU
Winter Olympics host TORINO
Diamond stat RBI
Dance move that went from trendy to cringey in the 2010s DAB
Heracles, to Zeus SON
Stitch's pal, in film LILO
"Two thumbs up!" ILOVEDIT
Key of Beethoven's Ninth DMINOR
Above-the-knee skirt MINI
Brown loaf with an earthy taste DARKRYE
Pet rocks, once FAD
They turn litmus paper red ACIDS
Stead LIEU
Part of a political convention roll call STATE
Checks out, in a way CASES
Thingy ITEM
Satirist ___ Baron Cohen SACHA
Singer John whose middle name is Hercules ELTON
Food for a sea urchin KELP
Company behind the first microprocessor INTEL


Potpourri pieces PETALS
Tree that's a favorite of giraffes ACACIA
Paranormal power, for short ESP
Thin-layered sedimentary rock SHALE
Covenant PACT
One who raised Cain ADAM
Wounded by a bull, say GORED
Catches sight of ESPIES
Tiny ammo BBS
Like some breakfast cereals OATEN
Emphatic two-pointer SLAMDUNK
Going places? COMMODES
"Heaven forbid!" HOPENOT
Sidled (along) EDGED
"Fresh Air" broadcaster NPR
French military headwear KEPIS
Use, as dishes EATON
Conflict that ended at 11:00 on 11/11 WWI
Crooked BENT
Slip past ELUDE
Swelled heads EGOS
Food-spoiling bacterium ECOLI
Like Sodom and Gomorrah BIBLICAL
Abraham Lincoln, for one UNIONIST
Modern lead-in to -grammer BRO
___ hop (swing era dance) LINDY
Not a happy face GRIMACE
Put two and two together? ADD
Mayim who played Amy Farrah Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory" BIALIK
"Believe it or not …" INFACT
Herculean undertaking ORDEAL
Many a smartphone recording VIDEO
Far from original TRITE
Soccer great with a statue in Buenos Aires MESSI
Topple (over) KEEL
Posterior RUMP
Nine-digit ID, in brief SSN
Shade of brown TAN
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