New York Times Crossword Answers May 01, 2021

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Author: Ryan McCarty
Editor: Will Shortz


Like faces around a campfire at night UPLIT
One whose business is home-based? UMP
Part of a diplomatic address, maybe MADAM
Spot for an umbrella BEACH
Pickup line? NEEDARIDE
Perfectly timed ONCUE
Fluffy four-footed friend ANGORACAT
Fire ___ ANT
Smart remarks? OWS
Popular camp assemblies SMORES
Aid in preventing a soup stain, maybe TIECLASP
They're worn on the road BALDTIRES
Seljuk Empire citizen TURK
Cozy chairs for pairs LOVESEATS
Word with base or combat PAY
Side dish in Cajun cuisine DIRTYRICE
Vaccine target ARM
Acute bronchitis, familiarly CHESTCOLD
Motif in much Christian art ADORATION
Squirt-squirt-squirt-squirt SPRITZ
Screwballs NUTCASES
W.W. I headgear TINHAT
"It's just OK" MEH
With 60-Across, East Asian cuisine style HOT
Print source FINGERTIP
Go off with a hitch? ELOPE
Former home of the San Antonio Spurs ALAMODOME
"Ha, fell right into my trap!" GOTEM
Neuter DESEX
See 52-Across POT
Sudden blasts GUSTS


In-depth subject for a war historian? UBOAT
Tip with ink PENNIB
Milk-producing LACTEAL
Frequent setting on "Chicago Med" ICU
Historic London venue THEOLDVIC
___ triple play, baseball feat rarer than a perfect game UNASSISTED
Chaps MEN
Cello quartet PEGS
Comedian Marc MARON
Peak overlooking Armenia's capital ARARAT
Backgammon accessory DICECUP
sci-fi film starring Brad Pitt ADASTRA
Came across MET
Where many a drive ends, unfortunately WATERHAZARD
Pursues for food, say PREYSON
Hit high in the air SKY
Old-timey hearing aid EARTRUMPET
Deep-fried British treat wrapped with sausage and bread crumbs SCOTCHEGG
Essayist who wrote "Newspapers always excite curiosity. No one ever lays one down without a feeling of disappointment" ELIA
Focus of middle management? ABS
Skink or gecko REPTILE
Places where things are all tied up? MARINAS
Throw back some Jack, say DOSHOTS
Checkers cry KINGME
Online companion animal NEOPET
Chinese zodiac sign THEOX
Inhibits STEMS
Classic moonroof alternative TTOP
-Downs, once FAD
Online qualifier IMO
___ Hoover, first lady before Eleanor Roosevelt LOU
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