New York Times Crossword Answers May 01, 2022

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Author: Brandon Koppy
Editor: Will Shortz


You say it when you "get it" AHA
Cell connection inits. LTE
Sorta ISH
Writing tip NIB
Film critic with a cameo in 1978's "Superman" REXREED
Safe bets SHOOINS
"Levitating" singer, 2020 DUALIPA
Stuffed up, in a way PHLEGMY
Northern New Jersey town FORTLEE
Literally, "father of many" ABRAHAM
#1 hit for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion WAP
Longtime cooking show hosted by Alton Brown GOODEATS
They may be classified ADS
Resident of the U.S.'s second-largest city ANGELENO
Like some bulls PAPAL
Dangerous part of a tour WARZONE
Fan of the album "Aoxomoxoa," say DEADHEAD
Dress (up) TOG
Flings without strings CASUALSEX
Yogurt-based Indian drink LASSI
"Ditto!" SOAMI
Part of "fwiw" ITS
Sit in stir DOTIME
Good people to ask for directions LOCALS
Grok GET
Clothing store sign BOYS
Owed DUE
Parts of many skyscrapers IBARS
Med. care option HMO
South ___ SEAS
Wilson of film OWEN
Loud and clear, as a call to action CLARION
First name among billionaires ELON
Demean ABASE
Woolly ma'am EWE
Chats over Twitter, for short DMS
___ al-Fitr (holiday) EID
Lump sum? SUGAR
Hawaiian home parts LANAIS
Grabbed the reins TOOKOVER
The barber of Seville FIGARO
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Diverse ecosystem REEF
Christine of "The Blacklist" LAHTI
French 101 verb ETRE
Mustangs' sch. SMU
Back tracks? BSIDES
Made bubbly AERATED
Not stop talking about HARPON
Supreme Court appointee before Thurgood Marshall ABEFORTAS
"Dios ___!" MIO
Pin points? MATS
Spacecraft's reflective attachment SOLARSAIL
Ominous DIRE
Flexible spade, say ACE
Like werewolves LUPINE
Hairsplitter PEDANT
Late actor Eisenberg NED
In which belts are worn KARATE
Ideal beta tester ENDUSER
Gives a boost, informally GOOSES
Roger ___, first film critic to win a Pulitzer for criticism EBERT
Algebra I calculation SLOPE
Calendar mo. MAR
Captain's log entry, maybe STARDATE
QuinceaƱera feature TILDE
Bong Joon Ho thriller SNOWPIERCER
Hear out, say HUMOR
N.Y.C. mayor after de Blasio ADAMS
Alien's line of communication? ETPHONEHOME
Speedy travel option ACELA
Precept TENET
John, abroad SEAN
Young 'uns TOTS
Cares for TENDS


Pioneer in Dadaism ARP
"That's amusing" HEH
Rose of Guns N' Roses AXL
Passport, for one LEGALID
Vegan protein source made from fermented soybeans TEMPEH
Big name in ice cream EDY
Salt-N-Pepa hit SHOOP
Heart-shaped, as leaves CORDATE
Entree with boiling broth HOTPOT
Dash figure MILEAGE
#1 N.B.A. draft pick in 1992 ONEAL
Journalist ___ B. Wells IDA
Outback, e.g. SUBARU
Stereotypical football coach HARDASS
Org. with grants NIH
It's got hops, for short IPA
Superhero comics sound BAM
Ties another knot REWEDS
Bay Area airport code SFO
Tennis division SET
Victor ___, role in "Casablanca" LASZLO
Professional saver? GOALIE
Fad accessory of the 1980s SWATCH
It comes off the top of one's head ADLIB
"Cool beans!" NEATO
Verbose GASSY
The eighth of eight NEPTUNE
Feeling bad, in a way ASHAMED
"August: ___ County" (Tracy Letts play) OSAGE
Site of Hercules' first labor NEMEA
Ramps up or down? EXITS
Leave it to beavers DAM
___-Magnon CRO
Author Gaiman NEIL
Pablo Neruda wrote one "to a large tuna in the market" ODE
Has online? LOL
Slugger with 609 homers SOSA
Bit of cosmic justice BADKARMA
Unlikely feature for competitive swimmers ARMHAIR
Some trattoria offerings RISOTTOS
All tucked in SNUG
Eccentric WEIRDO
Top dog, for short CEO
Wedding notice word NEE
Basket-weaving materials OSIERS
Home of Gulf State Park ALABAMA
Behind-the-counter helper BARBACK
Licorice-flavored quaff ANISETEA
"___ With Marc Maron" (popular podcast) WTF
Rage IRE
Main connection? GASLINE
Some antique furniture ARMOIRES
Like 100 vis-Ć -vis 99, say ROUNDED
The Trojan priestess Cassandra, e.g. SEER
Two-syllable cheer OLE
Contest VIE
Softened expletive on "Battlestar Galactica" FRAK
Cutesy ending with most EST
Marijuana compound, for short THC
Some coding statements IFS
United ASONE
Having less vermouth, say DRIER
Air or Ear ender, in tech POD
"___ live and breathe!" ASI
No longer funny OLD
Jay with jokes LENO
Does the same as APES
Blood typing, e.g. LABTEST
Runnin' ___ (N.C.A.A. basketball team) UTES
In and of itself PERSE
Shining brightly AGLARE
Former Jordanian queen NOOR
Formal accessory TOPHAT
Text file in a software package README
Inundate, as with work DUMPON
Runner Bolt USAIN
Like some parking STREET
Attract while exploiting someone's weakness SEDUCE
Shades TINTS
Cuts off the flow of STEMS
"P.D.Q." in the O.R. STAT
Way off the mark WIDE
Flair ELAN
Imbibe, old-style TOPE
Scrooge McDuck, for one SCOT
Last word of the New Testament AMEN
"All ___ …" TOLD
Chapters in history ERAS
"Hunh?" WHA
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