New York Times Crossword Answers May 02, 2022

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Author: Erik Agard
Editor: Will Shortz


Sound of a sneeze ACHOO
Op-___ (newspaper columns) EDS
Capital of Oregon SALEM
Something a mutinying pirate might have to walk PLANK
December 31, for short NYE
Topic in a dictionary or on a utility bill USAGE
Not in a million billion years NEVEREVER
Championship mementos RINGS
Big band ___ (time span after the Jazz Age) ERA
Boxing family surname ALI
Counterpart of length BREADTH
Beverage often stored in a cellar WINE
"Ave ___" (prayer) MARIA
Term of endearment BAE
Document digitizations SCANS
Utah national monument called Shash Jaa' in Navajo BEARSEARS
Domain REALM
Establish legislatively ENACT
Soup scooper LADLE
Small container for carrying a drink when away from home FLASK
Man's name that's an anagram of ELGIN NIGEL
Rolls-___ ROYCE
Be protective of, as a mother hen might HOVEROVER
Loose, collarless shirt popular in India KURTA
Feasted ATE
Messages that might come with emojis TEXTS
Stuff from a bog PEAT
Not full, as an effort, informally HALFASS
Sleep briefly NAP
Palindromic explosive TNT
Run ___ of (come into conflict with) AFOUL
Like some fashion boots THIGHHIGH
Fruit of the Loom competitor HANES
Debit inits. on some SNAP cards EBT
To whom Alfalfa wrote "You're scum between my toes!" DARLA
Female deer DOE
Sugary SWEET


Source of some wire stories APNEWS
Religious official CLERIC
Capital of Cuba HAVANA
/2 + 1/2 ONE
Vegetable with pentagonal cross sections OKRA
Worthy of coveting ENVIABLE
Easter egg colorer DYE
Neighbor of Montenegro SERBIA
"What-e-e-ever you say …" SURE
China's continent ASIA
Indigenous reclamation movement LANDBACK
Custardy dim sum dessert EGGTART
Breathable fabrics MESHES
Dutch ___ disease ELM
Once in a blue moon RARELY
Infuriate ENRAGE
Sleep phase REM
Passover ritual SEDER
Nosh between meals SNACK
Become less harsh EASEUP
Rations out ALLOTS
Partner of "prosper" in a Vulcan saying LIVELONG
Online game with a Battle Royale mode FORTNITE
Opposite of "I love it!" NOTAFAN
Tyrannosaurus ___ REX
"You crack me up!" HAHAHA
"By the power ___ in me …" VESTED
End a career RETIRE
Get into a snarl TANGLE
To boot ATTHAT
Droop SAG
Coal or gas FUEL
To boot ALSO
Some advanced degree holders PHDS
"A Black Lady Sketch Show" channel HBO
"Yee-___!" HAW
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