New York Times Crossword Answers May 03, 2021

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Author: Ross Trudeau
Editor: Will Shortz


Surrounded by AMID
Senator Mike of Idaho CRAPO
Its state fair is much visited by politicians IOWA
Stream from a volcano LAVA
Any episode of "Parks and Recreation," now RERUN
Toot one's own horn BRAG
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Wall Street average, with "the" DOW
Backstabs BETRAYS
Annual TV awards EMMYS
Island nation in the western Pacific PALAU
Opposite of yeses NOS
Word before sauce or milk SOY
*Amenity for jet-setters AIRPORTWIFI
Trail PATH
Neither's partner NOR
The first "X" of X-X-X TIC
*What investigators really want to know THEINSIDEINFO
[It's c-c-old!] BRR
A-to-zed lexicon, in brief OED
Attire GARB
*Aromatic fragrance with a French name EAUDEPARFUM
Color TV pioneer RCA
Some investments, for short CDS
Untagged, in a game of tag NOTIT
What a red-faced emoji might mean IMMAD
Relaxing soak after a long day, maybe HOTBATH
Bay Area hub, for short SFO
Fit for military service ONEA
Fairy tale chant from a giant … or the ends of the answers to the starred clues FEEFIFOFUM
Make, as money EARN
Not illuminated UNLIT
Boston's ___-Farber Cancer Institute DANA
Hockey puck, e.g. DISK
Animals symbolizing innocence LAMBS
Community facility that often has a gym and pool, in brief YMCA


Mahershala of "Green Book" ALI
PC alternative MAC
"Now ___ heard everything!" IVE
Bird that caws CROW
Official with a whistle REF
Little dog's bark ARF
Southwest tribe or one of its dwellings PUEBLO
Where meaningless words go in (and out the other) ONEEAR
Letter-shaped construction support IBAR
Natural food producer ORGANICFARM
On guard against WARYOF
Tennis great Andre AGASSI
___ Nostra COSA
___-frutti TUTTI
Telepath's "gift" ESP
Means of defense that doesn't actually have alligators MOAT
Discovery Channel program that debunked popular beliefs MYTHBUSTERS
Amateurs no more PROS
Kind of reasoning APRIORI
Red Roof ___ INN
Part of a bird or museum WING
What's rounded up in a roundup HERD
"The Faerie Queene" woman IRENA
Adroit DEFT
University email ending EDU
Apex predator of the ocean ORCA
Rebuke to Marmaduke BAD
Bounced back, as a sound ECHOED
God, in the Torah ADONAI
Quantity of stew POTFUL
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Peeve MIFF
Full of emotional swings MOODY
Establishment that's usually closed on Sundays BANK
Poses for a photo SITS
Boston's Liberty Tree, e.g. ELM
Whopper junior? FIB
Kin, informally FAM
Tar Heels' sch. UNC
Goat's bleat MAA
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