New York Times Crossword Answers May 03, 2022

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Author: Julian Lim
Editor: Will Shortz


Lines at the cinema? DIALOG
Trim, as text EDIT
What a winner takes, it's said ALL
___ Prize (satirical scientific award since 1991) IGNOBEL
Seaweed around sushi NORI
Oolong, e.g. TEA
Mix at a mixer, say MINGLEINTHECROWD
Annual video game competition, for short EVO
Event first televised in 1953, with "the" OSCARS
Finishes ENDS
S.U.V. alternative SEDAN
Hoppy brew IPA
Gobbled up ATE
Texter's "Can you believe it?!" OMG
Metaphor for lies, in a Walter Scott poem TANGLEDWEB
Pinnacle ACME
Took without asking STOLE
One day ___ time ATA
With 43-Across, historical period found in each set of circled letters CHINESE
See 39-Across DYNASTY
Long, long time EON
Add up to TOTAL
Bearded beasts GNUS
Fit perfectly SUITTOATEE
The first "O" of O.O.O. OUT
Fled RAN
Cube root of 1,000 TEN
Intel-gathering mission RECON
Opening with leaks? WIKI
Feature of a deerstalker EARLAP
Baton Rouge sch. LSU
Surviving, but just barely HANGINGBYATHREAD
A braggart has a big one EGO
Opposite of "for here" TOGO
Humble response to "How do you do it?" IMANAGE
"Unbelievable!" WOW
Site of a fabled gift horse TROY


Coins that are 1.35 mm thick DIMES
"Go ahead, tell me the answer" IGIVE
Latin phrase before a year ANNODOMINI
Yule ___ (Christmas confection) LOG
Like kiwis and plum tomatoes, by shape OBLONG
Astonished exclamations GEES
Competition participant ENTRANT
Homer Simpson's signature cries DOHS
Vexation IRE
The first "O" of O-O-O TIC
Gazillions ATON
NSFW, probably LEWD
Young chaps LADS
Aboveboard LICIT
Many California wines NAPAS
___ Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic REED
"Couldn't have said it any better" AMEN
Partner ALLY
"Smells Like ___ Spirit" (Nirvana song) TEEN
Divine Father GOD
Needed further explanation WASNTCLEAR
Shakespearean words to a traitor ETTU
Howls at the moon BAYS
Terrific, in slang ACES
With 52-Down, 39-Across leader from 1949 to 1976 CHOU
Singer James ETTA
In the near future SOON
Greek vowel ETA
Feverish symptom AGUE
"Good going!" ATTABOY
Suspicious (of) LEERY
Class with angles, for short TRIG
See 36-Down ENLAI
Batman or Harry Potter, e.g. ORPHAN
Tributary of the Missouri River OSAGE
Unclothed figures NUDES
"I'm glad that's over!" WHEW
Jafar's parrot in "Aladdin" IAGO
Have memorized KNOW
Breakfast brand EGGO
Green dispensers ATMS
Cousin ___ ("The Addams Family" character) ITT
Neither's partner NOR
Basis for some vaccines RNA
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