New York Times Crossword Answers May 05, 2021

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Author: Bryce Hwang, Rahul Sridhar and Akshay Ravikumar
Editor: Will Shortz


"All Things Considered" airer NPR
Sloth, e.g. SIN
Wasn't a smooth talker? RASPED
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
"___ soon?" TOO
Vanquish CONQUER
Price of a horror film? VINCENT
Expand to 800% OCTUPLE
Big online site for uploading photos and memes IMGUR
Antique OLD
Word accompanying a lightning bolt ZAP
Spanish direction ESTE
Spanish royal REY
Balance REST
King in the "Jungle Book" films LOUIE
Be quietly angry SEETHE
"The Good ___" WIFE
Soap opera, e.g. SERIAL
Where It. is found EUR
Leave on the cutting room floor EDITOUT
This puzzle's theme NUMBERS
Word with science or chocolate LAB
Like Antarctica among all the continents DRYEST
Historic enemy of the Iroquois ERIE
Poorly made SHODDY
YouTube statistics VIEWS
Put an edge on HONE
Had the reins LED
Rearward AFT
"Take ___" ONE
Separates into groups that don't communicate SILOS
"Turandot" composer PUCCINI
Shakespeare character who says "I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee" OTHELLO
They may come with bows and whistles ENCORES
Handle USE
Indisposed ILL
Like the word "truthiness," by Stephen Colbert COINED
Besmirch TAR
Follower of red, pink or black EYE


Blue-skinned race in "Avatar" NAVI
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer PRIME
Telephones RINGS
Binaural STEREO
Accelerator bit ION
Bird of myth ROC
DreamWorks's first animated film ANTZ
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer SQUARE
Person pulling the strings? PUPPETEER
Fish with tiny scales EEL
"Dr." who co-founded Death Row Records DRE
Wyoming town named for a frontiersman CODY
Tonkatsu, in Japanese cuisine CUTLET
Bad look LEER
"Black Panther" princess/superhero SHURI
Cut short TERSE
Loan-sharking USURY
Fry in a shallow pan SAUTE
Common street name in the Northeast ELM
Language in which "Thank you very much" is "Diolch yn fawr iawn" WELSH
Where I-15 meets I-86 IDAHO
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer FIBONACCI
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer ODD
Closest pal BESTIE
Like the two 40-Across in the grid for this answer EVEN
Military alert system DEFCON
Tiny purchase for a plumber WASHER
___ Lane LOIS
Skateboarding maneuver OLLIE
Classic name for a parrot POLLY
Tucker out TIRE
Chest muscle, for short PEC
-Across, en espaƱol UNO
Homer's neighbor NED
Big airport inits. TSA
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