New York Times Crossword Answers May 06, 2022

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Author: Aaron Ullman
Editor: Will Shortz


Blue print? SEAMAP
Water wings, for example FLOATS
Toasted treat POPTART
Japanese for "teacher" SENSEI
Skating expos ICESHOWS
Bearing TOTING
Paragon GEM
Suck up, in a way SIPHON
Author of "The Kitchen God's Wife" (1991) TAN
There's no coming back from this ONEWAYTRIP
Initialism that might have a ring to it? WBA
hrs. TENAM
Scale notes TIS
Agent of immunity TCELL
"Did I just hear him say that?!" HEWENTTHERE
Principle indicating "No second chances" WINORGOHOME
Outer border for 36-Across WINDOWFRAME
See-through items PANES
Two-time Olympic gymnast Raisman ALY
Male's name hidden backward in this clue ANSEL
Barely make, with "out" EKE
Make lace TAT
Longtime Disney chief Michael EISNER
Big ___ BEN
Hair holders SNOODS
Descriptor for a champion GREATEST
Half-page, perhaps ADUNIT
Fatherly tips, to use a portmanteau coinage DADVICE
Decks with major and minor arcana TAROTS
Lean against RESTON


Turn-on for a bartender? SPIGOT
Big epoch for mammals EOCENE
Hypothetical missing links APEMEN
Chain parts: Abbr. MTS
"This is the life!" AAH
Lacking literary sparkle PROSY
Setting for a shot FSTOP
Historic kingdom of Spain LEON
Most populous Canadian prov. ONT
So to speak ASITWERE
Traffic light SIGNAL
Some social media back-and-forths TWITTERWARS
Short relationship SPRINGFLING
One who loves to bring up the past HISTORYNERD
Surfer girl WAHINE
Doctors AMENDS
Poet who wrote "A Child's Christmas in Wales" THOMAS
Firmly bond CEMENT
Court WOO
"___ Carter III" (best-selling Lil Wayne album) THA
Napa excursion WINETOUR
Fictional African country of film WAKANDA
Took care of a dog or cat, maybe PETSAT
"Alrighty then" SOBEIT
"Romanian Rhapsodies" composer ENESCO
Like the days following Mardi Gras LENTEN
Cruxes GISTS
Gloomy, poetically DREAR
Sub text, maybe EDIT
Hawaiian fish also called the wahoo ONO
Juice suffix ADE
Some Best Buy buys TVS
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