New York Times Crossword Answers May 07, 2022

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Author: Rachel Fabi
Editor: Will Shortz


-milliliter bottles FIFTHS
___ C. J. Walker, first American woman to become a self-made millionaire, per Guinness MADAM
Pretend UNREAL
Flowers known botanically as Leucanthemum vulgare OXEYES
Lady Gaga album named for her aunt JOANNE
Stops being stubborn RELENTS
"There's no accounting for taste" ITTAKESALLSORTS
Birthplace of Buddha NEPAL
More spacious AIRIER
Walks in the park STROLLS
Carries on RAVES
Compliment to a chef YUM
Tartarus, by another name HELL
Prefix with night or day MID
Mimicked DID
Tepid assessment MEH
Actress whose nickname derives from her middle name, Stamatina FEY
Family prefix STEP
Make it, gamewise TAG
Eponym of a red-and-white heraldic rose TUDOR
Decorated athlete whose name could be parsed as "zero" + "loss" NADAL
Nikkie ___, beauty vlogger with more than 13 million followers on YouTube DEJAGER
"Way to go!" BOOYAH
Replenish TOPUP
Eliminate from contention CROSSOFFTHELIST
More affected ARTSIER
Outfit with flaps and snaps ONESIE
Pays in the Alps? SUISSE
Move around ROTATE
"The Divine Miss M" BETTE
Thought and thought and thought (about) STEWED


Challenging setting for the 2020 Olympics men's road cycling course FUJI
Playing past regulation, informally INOT
___ house FRAT
Had a craving HANKERED
Take time to think about something SLEEPONIT
By ethical standards MORALLY
Cousin of a lutz AXEL
Reese in "Touched by an Angel" DELLA
Affirmative on the U.S.S. Enterprise AYESIR
State emblem of Israel MENORAH
Member of the A.F.C. team with most division titles STEELER
___ y pimienta SAL
"4 real?!?" SRSLY
Lesser-used passages SIDEDOORS
Total SUM
British singer with the hits "How We Do (Party)" and "Your Song" RITAORA
They may be mixed METAPHORS
Network with Joy Reid's "The ReidOut" MSNBC
"I like telling ___ jokes. Sometimes he laughs!" DAD
French Calvinist HUGUENOT
Check attachment PAYSTUB
Longhaired star of 1950s TV LASSIE
Quickly put down JOT
Give a lift HOIST
Suffix akin to "-o-rama" FEST
"You don't have to tell me!" ISAW
One of the few places where traffic is appreciated SITE
Ticked (off) TEED
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