New York Times Crossword Answers May 09, 2022

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Author: August Miller
Editor: Will Shortz


Pace set by a metronome TEMPO
Ewe's mate RAM
Percolate SEEP
Measure of gold's purity, not its weight KARAT
Cause of a laugh JOKE
Bone parallel to the radius ULNA
Closing bit of music OUTRO
In memoriam piece OBIT
Doe or buck DEER
"Have another round – my treat!" THISONESONME
___-bitsy ITSY
Private eye, in old slang TEC
C-worthy OKAY
Gloating words of mock consolation TOOBADFORYOU
Wretched AWFUL
Amanda of "Sleeping With Other People" PEET
Texter's "Hold that thought" BRB
Revealed accidentally LETSLIP
Once-standard feature not found in most newer vehicles ASHTRAY
greenpeace.___ ORG
Trolley TRAM
Blow, as a volcano ERUPT
Invitation to a prospective waltz partner SHALLWEDANCE
Actress Rudolph of "Bridesmaids" MAYA
Feathery accessory BOA
Lays down turf SODS
Empower a successor, metaphorically PASSTHETORCH
"Dagnabbit!" DRAT
Decorated, as a cake ICED
In a good mood HAPPY
Rough patch in adolescence? ACNE
Rainy day hue GRAY
Full of fury IRATE
Bogus SHAM
Make music on a kazoo, say HUM
Sufi poet thought to have coined the adage found at the starts of 19-, 27-, 45- and 52-Across ATTAR


Boxing ring ruling, in brief TKO
___ de toilette EAU
Mohawked star of "The A-Team" MRT
Transport built for revelry PARTYBUS
Tweeter's "alternatively" OTOH
Title cyborg in a 1987 sci-fi flick ROBOCOP
Similar (to) AKIN
Distribute, with "out" METE
Puzzle with a 9 x 9 grid SUDOKU
Justice Kagan ELENA
Peel … or, phonetically, a fruit you might do this to PARE
___ K. of Kafka's "The Trial" JOSEF
"___ be a big help" ITD
Author Calvino ITALO
The ___ of Babel TOWER
Sound heard twice in "George" SOFTG
Something special ALLTHAT
Stephen of "The Crying Game" REA
"You bet!" YES
Uncle "we don't talk about" in Disney's 2021 film "Encanto" BRUNO
Bygone music collection from Nas or Lil' Kim RAPCD
Computer memory units BYTES
Good name for a financial planner? IRA
Buddy PAL
Sculptures made of found objects and scraps TRASHART
The Reds or the Red Sox, for short MLBTEAM
The "S" in iOS SYSTEM
Folk icon Guthrie WOODY
Anatomical canal locale EAR
's ___ on Washington MARCH
Cat pose or downward dog ASANA
BlackBerrys and PalmPilots, for short PDAS
Low's opposite HIGH
Hosiery shade ECRU
___ Pet (onetime fad item) CHIA
Small butter unit PAT
School fund-raising grp. PTA
"Oh, quit ___ bellyachin'!" YER
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