New York Times Crossword Answers May 22, 2022

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Author: David and Karen and Paul Steinberg
Editor: Will Shortz


Dual degree for a physician/scientist MDPHD
"My man!" BRO
D.C. figure POL
Impulsive desire WHIM
An avian abode AERIE
Janis ___, main role in “Mean Girls” IAN
One's time in office, maybe ERA
"For ___ is the kingdom …" THINE
Parts of a machine COGS
Creep (along) INCH
"Me too" SOAMI
Destroy internally GUT
Get rid of AXE
They'll give you more of the same COPIERS
Kidney-related RENAL
Tuckered (out) WORE
Straddling ATOP
Places of refuge ASYLUMS
“Love ___,” Pet Shop Boys dance hit of 2009 ETC
City between Chicago and Milwaukee KENOSHA
Cry while plugging one's ears TMI
What cobblers cobble SHOES
___ de deux (ballet dance) PAS
Like Hitchcock’s “Curtain” TORN
Passionate feeling in Spain AMOR
Wall molding CORNICE
Weaken, as support ERODE
Untrustworthy paper RAG
Publication with an annual “Power 100” list EBONY
Social worker? ANT
Olaf Scholz's country: Abbr. GER
Wireless network std. LTE
Its life span is short FAD
Kind of pear that resembles an apple ASIAN
Exploit USE
It has thousands of openings CHESS
Laugh at, say REACTTO
Ride in "Calvin and Hobbes" SLED
___ Pro, tech release of 2017 IMAC
Capital player, for short NAT
"Rotten" indicator on Rotten Tomatoes SPLAT
Eastern honorific SRI
Source of some leaks INSIDER
There was Noah-counting for it ARK
Verse's partner CHAPTER
Gospel singer Winans CECE
You might speak under this OATH
Earth, in some sci-fi TERRA
Works on oneself? BODYART
Little annoyance IMP
Bad way to go APE
Many a summer TV show RERUN
Title for Mozart HERR
Make an oopsie SLIP
See 104-Down MILESTONE
Like the sea BRINY
Bother ADO
European World Cup team, on scoreboards IRE
"Beep!" maker PAGER
Word with tag or tax SALE
Parking space LOT
Online feed letters RSS
Deep, dark hole ABYSS


It may run when you cry MASCARA
Cleanses, in a way DETOXES
Offspring PROGENY
They "don't lie," per a Shakira hit HIPS
Tyrants / Patterns DESPOTS/DESIGNS
"We're pregnant!," e.g. BIGNEWS
Southwestern spread RANCHO
No longer at sea ONSHORE
In and of itself PERSE
Snack item that’s partly foreordained? OREO
Dessert of molten chocolate LAVACAKE
Anyplace / From which place WHENEVER/WHENCE
Turning point HINGE
Rack up INCUR
Zooms with, maybe MEETS
Stumble over TRIPON
Division ___, lowest level of the N.C.A.A. III
Chews the scenery EMOTES
Made puffier, as cushions / Very desirable job PLUMPED/PLUMPOSITION
Start-up’s announcement, for short IPO
Take in, say ALTER
"O ___ babbino caro" (Puccini aria) MIO
Group of vocal people CHOIR
Amounts of sugar, perhaps SPOONFULS
Person not easily swayed by sentiment HARDCASE
Prescription directive ASNEEDED
Never again ONCE
Rewards for staying, maybe DOGTREATS
Point person? SCORER
It's written with a + or – ION
Take a shot at TRY
Tourist, e.g. / Hypnotic state TRAVELER/TRANCE
Italian rice balls ARANCINI
“Hoo-boy!” MANOHMAN
Actor Page ELLIOT
Uniform EVEN
Parts of a clutch EGGS
Tom who hosted "Dancing With the Stars" / Brimless caps BERGERON/BERETS
Second letter after epsilon ETA
Alt-___, PC command to switch between windows ESC
Relative of turquoise TEAL
Capital of Yemen SANAA
$$$ taker ATM
Endurance / Subway map info STAMINA/STATIONS
Fruit with a thick peel CITRON
Take potshots SNIPE
Sorta ISH
Give an address ORATE
Tryst partner / Discharging, as a liquid SECRETLOVER/SECRETING
Like the motions before a hearing PRETRIAL
Unfriendly ICY
Very much DEARLY
Disputed Asian region KASHMIR
River next to Boston's Esplanade CHARLES
"The Divine Comedy," e.g. TRILOGY
Weasel family members ERMINES
Eric B, Pimp C and Chuck D RAPPERS
Nonbinary possessive THEIRS
Pointed remarks BARBS
Best ___ Recording (Grammy category) OPERA
Who may care, so they say DEVIL
Bit of gold reserves INGOT
Qualifying match, for short / Big name in antifreeze and brake fluid PRELIM/PRESTONE
Take back UNDO
Sudden feeling, as of remorse STAB
"Good ___!" ONE
Relaxation spot SPA
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