New York Times Crossword Answers November 12, 2023

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Author: Garrett Chalfin
Editor: Will Shortz


Landscaper's purchase SOD
Downright PLUMB
[If you'll allow me to butt in …] AHEM
"Gotcha!" AHA
Anton ___, food critic in "Ratatouille" EGO
Come-on TEASER
___ years (old age) RIPER
Word with purpose or personality DUAL
"___ you ready?" ARE
Enjoyed oneself HADAGOODTIME
Major part of astronomy? URSA
Tous ___ jours (French for "every day") LES
Something dot something, say URL
Features of telephone directories AREACODEMAPS
Emerged as a victor WON
Writer Ayn RAND
Fight (for) FEND
Rest atop LIEON
Euphemistic cry of frustration DADGUMIT
Sweetly, in scores DOLCE
Actress Close GLENN
Japanese buckwheat noodle SOBA
culinary black comedy, with "The" MENU
Peabody-winning journalist Linda ELLERBEE
Prefix with sphere HELIO
It can be a lifesaver, in brief CPR
One might read "Caution: Messy eater!" BIB
Twilled fabric SERGE
Satyrs, say LEERERS
Old nomad of central Asia HUN
Playroom collection TOYS
Where to see heads of gladiators, informally AMEXCARDS
Little fights SPATS
Degrees for most profs PHDS
Poet Ezra POUND
Dark green Indian dish SAAG
"That was hilarious!," in textspeak LMFAO
Totally committed to DEADSETON
Serves right? ACES
Stuff refineries refine OIL
Classifies ASSORTS
Part of a furniture measurement DEPTH
minuti ORA
Senator Klobuchar AMY
Whole shebang GAMUT
Figure of speech in which words are reversed for effect, like "Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you" CHIASMUS
Vassal's plot FIEF
Goldman ___ SACHS
Stylish women's shoes PUMPS
Hasty signature, often SCRIBBLE
Figures in Islamic mythology GENII
Twit, to a Brit PRAT
Not fake REAL
Formulates, as a plan DEVISES
Craving YEN
Movie hero introduced in 1981 INDIANAJONES
Novelist Patchett ANN
Go down slightly DIP
King Tut, during most of his reign TEEN
Titular feature of fiction's Lisbeth Salander DRAGONTATTOO
#34 IKE
Oomph ZING
___ vincit amor OMNIA
Displayed ONVIEW
Trawler's need NET
Red army member? ANT
Caught SEEN
Blobby parts of blobfish NOSES
Much of the planet Saturn GAS


Product safety indicator SEAL
Princess Fiona, e.g. OGRE
Treats favorably / Has a very good effect DOESWELLBY/DOESWONDERS
Fall fruit PEAR
It may deliver a punch LADLE
What may come before Today USA
Gig part MEG
Get bigger BROADEN
Jacinda ___, New Zealand prime minister who, at 37, was the world's youngest female head of government ARDERN
Blindly punch HITAT
Big, big, big EPIC
Like a momentous occasion / Office communiqué MEMORABLE/MEMORANDUM
Someone's je ne sais quoi AURA
Padlock holder HASP
"Sorry to say …" ALAS
Speaks loudly THUNDERS
Firefighter famous for extinguishing burning wells REDADAIR
Lollipop with a "mystery flavor" DUMDUM
Film company behind "Amadeus" and "Platoon" ORION
The "E" of E.S.L., for short ENG
"Back in the good old days …" ONCE
-50, e.g. TIE
First ___ (Shakespeare collection) FOLIO
Movers and shakers DOERS
Robotic anime genre MECHA
Switches allegiances, as a spy TURNS
You're gonna pay for this! DEBT
Targets of some wipes GERMS
Got less hairy SHEDDED
Bracelet bit BEAD
Peak in the "Odyssey" OSSA
Masters / Elaborated EXPERTS/EXPOUNDED
Gives kudos LAUDS
Flying fish-eaters ERNS
Pool locale SPA
Application of polish, e.g. COAT
Grp. that goes on tour PGA
Novelist Tami HOAG
They're no longer "fresh" SOPHS
Prefix with thesis ANTI
Enjoys doing nothing LOAFS
Taunt, in a way MIMIC
Philadelphia athlete FLYER
Drench DOUSE
Worker at the Genius Bar TECHIE
Large, as a lead COMMANDING
Give lip service? SASS
Captain of M.L.B.'s Swingin' A's of the 1970s SALBANDO
What a Tyrannosaurus rex grapples with? SMALLARMS
"Are you satisfied?" / Common fairy tale conclusion HAPPYNOW/HAPPYENDING
"Not a problem" SURE
Part of a potter's process / Parts of a building's safety system FIRING/FIREALARMS
Early evening hour SEVEN
Actress Jennifer ANISTON
Lead-in to gender CIS
Arthur of "The Golden Girls" BEA
Christopher Columbus, e.g. GENOAN
Motherless calf DOGIE
"Socrate" composer SATIE
Chichén ___ (ancient Mayan city) ITZA
Hamburg refusal NEIN
Bad impression? DENT
Primatologist Goodall JANE
Refusals NOES
Store whose name is an acronym IKEA
Some motel prohibitions PETS
Year abroad? ANO
They might be wall-mounted TVS
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