New York Times Crossword Answers November 14, 2023

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Author: Matthew Linzer
Editor: Will Shortz


Word after head or heart ACHE
Web designer's code HTML
George or Marty of "Back to the Future" MCFLY
Cereal "for kids" with a "silly rabbit" TRIX
Diva's solo ARIA
Winning AHEAD
What to do when you see … [see 23-, 37-, 39-, 48- and 60-Across] MAKEAWISH
Frolics ROMPS
Blueprint info SPECS
Remove, as paint from wood STRIP
… this streaker in the night SHOOTINGSTAR
Ne'ertheless THO
Deep grief WOE
Long-running hip-hop magazine, with "The" SOURCE
German "a" EIN
Rows #13-#16 in a theater MNOP
German camera brand LEICA
… this stray bit on your face EYELASH
… this insect crawling by LADYBUG
Dives into HASAT
Dallas five, to fans MAVS
Mad ___ hatter ASA
Actress Cuthbert of TV's "24" ELISHA
Here, in Le Havre ICI
Man's name hidden in "bottleneck" LEN
… this on a clock ELEVENELEVEN
Vietnam's Nguyen Van Thieu, after 1975 EXILE
River through three of the 10 largest cities of Russia VOLGA
Block-stacking game JENGA
… this just before you blow on the seeds DANDELION
Starting lineup ATEAM
Rare achievement in entertainment EGOT
"That ___ funny" ISNT
Signs of exhaustion YAWNS
Garnet and ruby REDS
Fencing weapon EPEE


-hr. banking conveniences ATMS
Fail, with out CRAP
QB's call HIKE
C-suite roles EXECS
Hem's counterpart HAW
Prefix with -dent TRI
Christine of "Chicago Hope" LAHTI
Flowers prominently used in Indian weddings MARIGOLDS
Chinese-American dish CHOPSUEY
Counterpart of masc. FEM
Kid's seat on Santa LAP
Football units: Abbr. YDS
___ Wednesday ASH
I.C.U. staffers RNS
Has title to OWNS
"I like that a LOT!" OOOH
Like Indigenous affairs TRIBAL
___ National, airport serving D.C. REAGAN
Little laugh TEEHEE
"Howdy, folks!" HIYALL
Garment for a tiny tot ONESIE
Things that might have kids going off on a tangent? MATHEXAMS
Native of Nevada's largest city LASVEGAN
Lingerie material LACE
Tel ___ AVIV
Car expense that's often reimbursable MILEAGE
Singer/songwriter DiFranco ANI
Respected sort ELDER
Christmas ___ EVE
"It's the truth!" NOLIE
Challenge for a speech coach LISP
Missing GONE
Poker buy-in ANTE
Blue bird JAY
GPS prediction ETA
Hot off the press NEW
Silent greeting NOD
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms, in brief DTS
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