New York Times Crossword Answers November 17, 2021

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Author: Anne Grae Martin
Editor: Will Shortz


Like the comment "I heard you the first 10 times!" SASSY
Biceps locale ARM
Hide (away) STASH
With 45-Across, one who's adorable CUTIE
Mauna ___ LOA
"Gadzooks!" WOWIE
"Mrs. America" actress Uzo ADUBA
Goal of some meditation AWARENESS
Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" REN
Like many items on Etsy HANDMADE
Home front? ENTRYWAY
Grasslike swamp plants SEDGES
Hugs, on a love letter OOO
Politicians in the House of Commons: Abbr. MPS
Kind of milk that's an alternative to soy OAT
Headstrong OBDURATE
One of 12 on a die EDGE
Bruins' sch. UCLA
Ideal scenario DREAM
What large birds typically do less often MOLT
Comparative word THAN
Flesh out some wedding plans, perhaps SETADATE
Pop star Grande, to fans ARI
See 14-Across PIE
Body shot, in brief? MRI
Cain with a 2012 presidential campaign HERMAN
Roughly putting (together) COBBLING
Like September's equinox AUTUMNAL
Path to enlightenment TAO
What the five formations of circled letters in this puzzle represent YOGAPOSES
___ omen (Latin akin to "Heaven forbid") ABSIT
Wonderland girl ALICE
Before, in poetry ERE
Neighbor of a Slovene CROAT
Many a Jane Austen setting MANOR
Pistons or Lions, on scoreboards DET
Netflix's "Sparking Joy With Marie ___" KONDO


Freak out SCARE
"The Shield of Achilles" poet AUDEN
Publicity act STUNT
– or 62-Down SIB
Response to "Who, me?!" YEAHYOU
___ Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo ALANA
Unruly ROWDY
Palindromic title MAAM
Subjects of King Carl XVI Gustaf SWEDES
Muscular TONED
Breathtaking feeling AWE
Member of the fam SIS
"___ a Tramp" (Disney song) HES
Hoarse voice RASP
"Let's talk …" AWORD
Fearsome pteranodon of classic film RODAN
"Waiting for ___" GODOT
Former U.S. coin worth $10 EAGLE
[Do not delete] STET
What an Impossible Burger lacks MEAT
Clayey color OCHRE
Serena's best friend on "Gossip Girl" BLAIR
British bum ARSE
Common garment for tie-dyeing TEE
___ alert EMAIL
Great Salt Lake locale UTAH
Venomous snake MAMBA
Colorfully named victim in the U.K. version of Clue DRBLACK
Mark Twain title character PAUPER
Fancying INTO
"America's Bodyshop" company MAACO
Informal summons CMERE
Infancy ONSET
"You wanna fight? Let's go!" ITSON
Mythological being that's an anagram of DIANA NAIAD
Arrived at GOTTO
Treated as a pawn USED
Major vegetable export of Nigeria (nearly 70% of the world's total) YAM
Portuguese greeting OLA
Ingredient in a Negroni GIN
Member of the fam BRO
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