New York Times Crossword Answers November 17, 2023

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Author: Hemant Mehta
Editor: Will Shortz


Presider over weddings, in Greek myth HERA
Lunchbox fave PBJ
Jackie's predecessor in the White House MAMIE
It's a sign OMEN
The "glitter of the snack world," per Ellen DeGeneres CHEETODUST
___-in-waiting LADY
Focus of a get-rich-quick scheme? LOTTOBALLS
Saddlebag carrier ASS
Underworld V.I.P.s DONS
Onetime collector of bizarre facts RIPLEY
It's settled! COLONY
Cologne first launched by Fabergé BRUT
Home of the Green Wave TULANE
Setting for a speech DAIS
"My man!" BRO
Sad postgame report ILOST
Scrambled syntax WORDSALAD
Fitness test with beeps PACER
Sit in a cellar, perhaps AGE
___ Abbott, longtime role on "The Young and the Restless" TRACI
Requirement for getting into school? STUDENTID
Icy coatings RIMES
Informal affirmative YEP
Dom Perignon's winery, informally MOET
French fashion house DIOR
"That'd be nice!" HOPESO
Make the grade? ASCEND
They're drunk at socials TEAS
What may be behind the curtain TUB
Things gotten just for kicks? FIELDGOALS
Request from Oliver Twist MORE
"… seriously!" ANDIMEANIT
Major opening? URSA
Candy mogul Harry REESE
Canvas finish? TKO
Sent a private note, in brief DMED


Hello, in Honduras HOLA
Common receptacle in beer pong REDSOLOCUP
Selected at random ANY
Knockoff PHONY
Pot growers? BETS
Part of a jacuzzi JET
One-sided curiosities MOBIUSSTRIPS
Show flexibility ADAPT
Ruminate on MULL
Jersey or Guernsey ISLE
Site with the categories "Bags & Purses" and "Bath & Beauty" ETSY
Knockoff CLONE
Like some love affairs TORRID
"Ugh, yeah, I'm well aware" DONTREMINDME
Performed light surgery on? LASED
Made visible BARED
Partially plastered TIPSY
Slack off DOGIT
Heated discussion of who's responsible for a failure BLAMESTORM
Ascot, e.g. RACECOURSE
Keats or Shelley ODIST
Zero-calorie beverage WATER
Respond to an alarm, say ARISE
Chronic pest NOODGE
"Veni, vidi, vici," e.g. BOAST
Panini purveyors DELIS
Head for the sun? HELIO
Where many travelers come from AFAR
, for 180 SINE
Turn over CEDE
Fail precipitately, in slang TANK
Strung-out sort? BEAD
Part of a stable diet OAT
Word with puppy or pie MUD
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