New York Times Crossword Answers November 18, 2022

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Author: Robyn Weintraub
Editor: Will Shortz


Nickname for the Los Angeles Angels HALOS
Part of a watch FACE
Part of many commands: Abbr. CTRL
"Great job you did for me," sarcastically or not THANKSALOT
Resort hotel with the slogan "This is how we Vegas" ARIA
Bill collectors? MONEYCLIPS
Woodworking tool similar to a kitchen zester RASP
Compound used to make soft pretzels LYE
Eccentric DOTTY
Monitor locales DESKS
Selfish toddler's cry MINE
It's equivalent to a cup TROPHY
Here, there and everywhere ALLOVERTHEMAP
Twin daughter on "Black-ish" DIANE
Put in the paper RAN
"Old Possum's Book of Practical ___" (T. S. Eliot collection) CATS
Torah holders ARKS
Malice SPITE
Where a doctor might check for a monosynaptic reflex KNEE
Arrive at the same point MEET
A glengarry is one in the shape of a boat HAT
Specialized group CADRE
"I've heard this a thousand times already!" HEREWEGOAGAIN
Gray in a picture? DORIAN
Word that can follow anything ELSE
Curmudgeon GRUMP
Foundation specification SHADE
Stockholder? POT
"The Horse Fair" artist Bonheur ROSA
Time spent on land, maybe SHORELEAVE
St. ___ (destination in a rhyming riddle) IVES
Toy from a place that no longer exists POMERANIAN
Work harmoniously MESH
Made like APED
Sci-fi author's creation WORLD


Web code inits. HTML
Call of port? AHOY
One of 26 in Texas's Katy Freeway LANE
What a raised index finger might represent ONE
Get out while you're still up? SKYDIVE
Hesitate FALTER
Hit the ground ALIT
Roger's relative? COPYTHAT
They left behind one of their own in a 1982 film ETS
Shipment that might include a note saying "Miss you!" CAREPACKAGE
Raccoon, humorously TRASHPANDA
Fit for a daredevil RISKY
Goes around in circles? LAPS
Cafe offering SCONE
Title for a Benedictine monk DOM
#1 hit that's a Halloween favorite MONSTERMASH
La Rana ___ (Kermit's name in the Latin American version of "Sesame Street") RENE
Guy at the front of a long line ADAM
Pre-euro currency LIRE
Superior dwellings, say LAKEHOUSES
Polo on television TERI
Spotted SEEN
Kind of butter used in skin cream SHEA
Lender requiring collateral up front PAWNSHOP
It follows precedent CASELAW
Current phenomenon RIP
Outfitted, with "up" GEARED
What you always get on your birthday OLDER
Spent some time in the Outback, perhaps DROVE
Ominous GRIM
Browser button HOME
Dice in Monopoly, e.g. PAIR
Like zeroes OVAL
Watch over TEND
Where you might get cucumbers and oil SPA
"Ambient 1: Music for Airports" artist, 1978 ENO
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