New York Times Crossword Answers November 19, 2021

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Author: John Hawksley
Editor: Will Shortz


Phrase popularized by Long John Silver of "Treasure Island" SHIVERMETIMBERS
It's "on a dark desert highway," in song HOTELCALIFORNIA
Ways in which different cultures interact ETHNICRELATIONS
Le Dakota du Sud or le Dakota du Nord ETAT
Like some traditions ORAL
Listens, old-style HARKS
Have that *wow* factor POP
Name ending for Mari- or Rosa- LYN
Things people often claim to have read when they haven't TERMS
Typesetting unit PICA
Funky stuff ODORS
N.B.A. M.V.P. of 2015 and '16, familiarly STEPH
"I don't do ___. I am ___": Salvador DalĂ­ DRUGS
Eponymous instrument inventor Adolphe SAX
Smaller than usual, endearingly FUNSIZE
"What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese!," e.g. DADJOKE
Periods that aren't usually added, for short? OTS
"Live in ___" (clothing slogan) LEVIS
Water colors AQUAS
Japanese camera NIKON
Protagonist of "The O.C." RYAN
What may be thrown down for a duel GLOVE
Popular video game series with cars, for short GTA
Nickname that drops "An-" DRE
Show petulance, in a way WHINE
Former-Yankee-turned-broadcaster, to fans AROD
Clean, as decks SWAB
"Don't sweat the naysayers" HATERSGONNAHATE
Opening statement of an appeal? INEEDAHUGEFAVOR
Digs near a flower bed, say GARDENAPARTMENT


Black ___ SHEEP
"Too ___ Handle" (Netflix reality show) HOTTO
"We've all been there" ITHAPPENS
Let it all out VENT
Hebrew name meaning "my God" ELI
Pioneering brand of caffeine-free soft drink RCCOLA
Combine MARRY
Longest-serving U.S. first lady, informally ELEANOR
One might be open for business TILL
"___ tree falls …" IFA
Big time for long-distance calling MOTHERSDAY
Prickly shrubs BRIARS
Vast, poetically ENORM
Places for curlers RINKS
Be wise to SASS
Apparel often worn with sandals TOGA
Computer addresses, for short IPS
Outfit DUDS
NorCal airport SFO
Syllable of disapproval TUT
"Whip It" rock band DEVO
It travels at Mach 1 SOUNDWAVE
Black sorority with 300,000+ members, in brief AKA
Marks, as a survey box XES
The Cowardly Lion's counterpart in Kansas ZEKE
Presidential monogram of the early 1800s JQA
The cool kids, e.g. INGROUP
"That really isn't necessary" NONEED
Original "S.N.L." cast member RADNER
Home to Lake Volta, the largest artificial reservoir in the world GHANA
Volume measure LITER
Island nation near Fiji TONGA
Betray, in a way RATON
Critic who said "Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels" EBERT
Daniel Webster or Henry Clay WHIG
Sheik's peer? AGHA
Part of a fancy bedding set SHAM
___ Juan SAN
Like the mizzenmast AFT
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