New York Times Crossword Answers November 20, 2021

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Author: Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
Editor: Will Shortz


Drink with a shot balanced on chopsticks over a beer SAKEBOMB
Meredith's half sister on "Grey's Anatomy" LEXIE
Certain record ENTRY
Gracious words when accepting an honor IMHUMBLED
Eroded WORE
Exhibition that might attract eye rolls, for short PDA
Went quickly DARTED
Third-most-popular baby girls' name in 2020, after Olivia and Emma AVA
Serengeti grazer ELAND
Make out ESPY
Joint winner of Time's Person of the Year for 2020 KAMALAHARRIS
"Incorrect!" ITISNT
"Intolerable Cruelty" director, 2003 COEN
Org. associated with the note series G-E-C NBC
Author who referred to his works as a "legendarium" TOLKIEN
More vexing PESKIER
Word before now ERE
Scoop often used in Indian cuisine NAAN
Ship on which Darwin collected material for "On the Origin of Species" BEAGLE
Encouraging words YOUVEGOTTHIS
"Mmm hmm …" ISEE
Ingredients for pastry cream YOLKS
Gumshoe TEC
Term of address for a noble MILORD
Mass Appeal Records co-founder NAS
Sheltered place COVE
French phrase in many bistro names ALAMAISON
Daughter of Elrond in "The Lord of the Rings" ARWEN
Like the flame between exes, sometimes RELIT
Century of note SENATORS
Examinations TESTS


Played in the wind, say FLEWAKITE
Fixer-upper RENOVATOR
Above and beyond, with "the" EXTRAMILE
Part of an equine bloodline SIRE
Song word sung twice before "goodbye" HEY
Opened up during an examination SAIDAH
The first one printed in America was in 1639 ALMANAC
Metric speed meas. KPH
___ Olmert, former Israeli P.M. EHUD
Foe of the Fighting Tigers BAMA
Multicolor hair effects OMBRES
Fountain fare MALTS
Censor BLEEP
Whirl EDDY
The highest form of flattery? PLATEAU
Pacific Ocean phenomenon ELNINO
Lemon ___ DROP
Query ASK
Running gear named after running animals REEBOKS
Legends, often INSETS
Ones late to work? NIGHTOWLS
"Seriously!" BELIEVEIT
Symbols on the flags of Algeria and Azerbaijan CRESCENTS
Kind of blue NAVY
Kit ___ Club ("Cabaret" locale) KAT
Genre for "The Dark Knight," appropriately NEONOIR
Medieval servant YEOMAN
Secretive things? GLANDS
One-named model and philanthropist IMAN
Storage units prone to explosion SILOS
Lift a lot ELATE
Tennis star of the 2000s, familiarly RAFA
It covers a lot of ground DIRT
Native of central Canada CREE
Word in some South American city names SAO
Refined oil product? ART
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