New York Times Crossword Answers November 20, 2023

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Author: Sam Ezersky
Editor: Will Shortz


Name that fills in the blanks to make another name: S_ _ _NNAH AVA
Build up over time ACCRUE
Have a ball at the mall SHOP
Acquires GETS
Foe's opposite FRIEND
___ stick (toy) POGO
Prefix with toxin or oxidant ANTI
Where to find singles, a match and love? TENNISCOURT
Not moving STILL
The "A" of 10-J-Q-K-A ACE
Misplaces LOSES
Exasperated cry when being turned over to voice mail PICKUPTHEPHONE
Bring on staff HIRE
Gobble down EAT
Conflict of 1914-18, in brief WWI
"We're clear for takeoff!" ITSAGO
Apple device assistant SIRI
Greek letters before chis PHIS
Form of social diversity MULTICULTURALISM
$5 bills, in slang ABES
One-named singer from Ireland ENYA
Really bad, informally CRAPPY
Letter repeated in the symbol for "closed captioning" CEE
Greek letter after chi PSI
"Peanuts" character who pranks Charlie Brown with a football LUCY
Disposable bit of cutlery PLASTICUTENSIL
"Too rich for my blood" IMOUT
Cunning animal FOX
Dog from Down Under DINGO
The Constitution State … or, when parsed differently, what you gradually do with this puzzle's circled letters? CONNECTICUT
Cow's offspring CALF
Hu-u-uge EPIC
In abundance GALORE
Acronym for a quartet of entertainment awards EGOT
Meyers of late-night SETH
Embedded pieces INLAYS
___ sauce SOY


Audibly shocked AGASP
Large size at Starbucks VENTI
Room under a roof ATTIC
Toward the back, at sea AFT
Manufacture CREATE
Sure thing CINCH
Zellweger of "Bridget Jones's Diary" RENEE
Half of duo- UNI
Masthead figs. EDS
Curl up and cuddle together SPOON
Congressional V.I.P. HOUSEWHIP
Meanie OGRE
___ and pans POTS
Some high-end headwear SILKHATS
Congeal CLOT
Mario's brother LUIGI
Series of steps PROCESS
Neighbor of Bolivia PERU
Bob, buzz or beehive HAIRCUT
Bit of smoke WISP
"Your wish ___ command" ISMY
Computer debut of 1998 IMAC
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Wait till morning to decide something SLEEPONIT
Cunning SLY
Spanish suffix with seƱor ITA
Be kind, follow the rules, etc. PLAYNICE
Condo, for one UNIT
In the shape of a rainbow ARCED
Hors d'oeuvres spread PATE
___ Tax (Monopoly square) LUXURY
Midday meal LUNCH
Journalist Gwen IFILL
Drink served with marshmallows COCOA
Unexpected problems SNAGS
Ice house? IGLOO
High, as goals LOFTY
Some "Italian" desserts ICES
Act dejected MOPE
Sci-fi film tech, for short CGI
Color of khakis TAN
French for "your" TES
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