New York Times Crossword Answers November 22, 2021

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Author: Stella Zawistowski
Editor: Will Shortz


Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Had on WORE
Insurance worker AGENT
Work by a composer OPUS
Skating leap AXEL
Outdoor party locale PATIO
Pastime for armchair sports enthusiasts FANTASYBASEBALL
Corrosive substance ALKALI
ExxonMobil's business OIL
Toy that goes up slow and comes down fast SLED
Close, as a jacket BUTTONUP
What a grocery scanner scans, for short UPC
Unidentifiable protein MYSTERYMEAT
They're paid to play PROS
Grp. that extends from Canada to Chile OAS
Lustful, informally RANDY
Sightseeing on wheels BUSTOUR
Finally starts talking OPENSUP
Like draft beers ONTAP
"Baby Cobra" comic Wong ALI
Christmas season YULE
Holy site in Jerusalem WESTERNWALL
When a plane is due in, in brief ETA
Hair stylist, fancily COIFFEUR
Old Glory, for one FLAG
Sch. in Fort Worth TCU
"The very idea!" INEVER
Spanish or French, but not German ROMANCELANGUAGE
"Tosca" or "Turandot" OPERA
Opening for a coin SLOT
Speak to a deaf person, in a way SIGN
What the start of 17-, 29-, 45- or 61-Across is, in a bookstore GENRE
Tickle Me Elmo maker, once TYCO
Otherwise ELSE


Living room seat SOFA
Iridescent gem OPAL
Meathead LUNK
Abbr. before a date on a business shingle ESTAB
Question to a suspected culprit WASITYOU
Popular acne medication OXY
Starts up again, as a computer REBOOTS
Pal of Jerry on "Seinfeld" ELAINE
Primate with no tail APE
Talks on and on GABS
And others: Abbr. ETAL
River on which Cleopatra cruised NILE
Couldn't keep a secret TOLD
Shpeak indishtinctly SLUR
Ruler in pre-Communist Russia TSAR
Heap for burning PYRE
Instruction for a violinist UPBOW
Dehydrated plum PRUNE
Things weighed against benefits COSTS
Not just a few MANY
Come next ENSUE
One who's 18 or older ADULT
Like an impatient and competitive personality TYPEA
"Now!" in the operating room STAT
Intl. group that has no members in Europe or North America OPEC
Minnesota's St. ___ College OLAF
Enter en masse, as a car PILEINTO
In a terrible way AWFULLY
Coll. military program ROTC
Most pleasant NICEST
Where inhaled air goes LUNG
Find a second function for REUSE
Creature that goes "ribbit!" FROG
Run easily LOPE
"You said it, brother!" AMEN
Actress Teri GARR
Colorado skiing mecca VAIL
Objects in an Easter hunt EGGS
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Scottish negative NAE
Member of a D.C. "Squad" AOC
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