New York Times Crossword Answers November 23, 2021

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Author: Eric Bornstein
Editor: Will Shortz


"Money, Money, Money" group ABBA
Toughs … or an anagram of TOUGHS minus a letter THUGS
Slightly open AJAR
Thick slice SLAB
Old but back in fashion RETRO
Agricultural giant founded in Hawaii in 1851 DOLE
Atmosphere AURA
Font akin to Helvetica ARIAL
"What time?" WHEN
Sort of investment suggested by the ends of 3-, 11- and 29-Down PERSONALFINANCE
First half of a Senate vote YEAS
"Oh, bleah!" DARN
Indent key TAB
Exclamation upon reaching a customer service representative, maybe FINALLY
Measurement for passes and rushes: Abbr. YDS
It's 99.9% "empty space" ATOM
"___ you are you! That is truer than true!": Dr. Seuss TODAY
Rapper fronting the heavy metal band Body Count ICET
Late-night host O'Brien CONAN
Profs' helpers TAS
Where chess is believed to have originated INDIA
Qty. AMT
Curving billiards shot MASSE
Car company that shares its name with an inventor TESLA
Longtime CBS police drama CSI
Flicked, as a cigarette ASHED
In a risky situation ONTHINICE
Nicholas I or II CZAR
They have ears, it's said WALLS
Intimidates COWS
Had in one's hands HELD
Blacksmith's block ANVIL
Place to cook a turkey OVEN
Behind, in England ARSE
Part of an act SCENE
Reviled Roman emperor NERO
Deserving a D POOR
"Able was I ___ …" ERE
Picked a card DREW


"Get on it!" ASAP
M.L.B. record-holder for most career home runs BARRYBONDS
Humiliate ABASE
Kind of visa for just passing through an airport TRANSIT
Greek goddess of marriage HERA
Gas or elec. UTIL
Tennis's Steffi GRAF
How best to hit a ball for a home run SOLIDLY
Coke vs. Pepsi, e.g. ADWAR
Singer profiled in the biopic "Walk the Line" JOHNNYCASH
Smart ___ ALEC
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Big doofus OAF
"I disagree" NAY
Understood TACIT
Make reparations ATONE
"Impossible!" NOTACHANCE
N.B.A. commissioner starting in 2014 ADAMSILVER
Trailing all others LASTINLINE
Tightly packed DENSE
Horse for a knight STEED
Alternative to in-store MAILORDER
"I'll be right with you" INASECOND
Tandoor bread NAAN
Apple desktop IMAC
Contraction starting a Christmas poem TWAS
Archipelago part ISLE
Bloke CHAP
It doesn't mean a thing ZERO
In addition ALSO
Lead-in to "the hill" or "the top" OVER
"What ___ you thinking?" WERE
Reason for a school day off SNOW
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