New York Times Crossword Answers November 24, 2021

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Author: Brandon Koppy
Editor: Will Shortz


Blacksmith's waste SLAG
More than right … or seldom correct? OBTUSE
Chicago-to-Atlanta dir. SSE
"Easy to Be Hard" musical of the late 1960s HAIR
Bad record to set NEWLOW
Original "Veronica Mars" airer UPN
Absolute power [chopped] OMNIPOTENCE
"Annabel Lee" poet POE
Writer Joyce Carol ___ OATES
s Indian prime minister RAO
Ending with ecto- or pachy- DERM
Phrase on many No Trespassing signs [chopped] PRIVATEPROPERTY
Including an unlisted number? ETAL
Brain parts LOBES
Comic cry of dismay ACK
Concerns for golfers LIES
Game with scrums RUGBY
Waste minimizers [chopped] TRASHCOMPACTORS
Member of the British Commonwealth in the Mediterranean MALTA
Work hard TOIL
___ soda SAL
Fiery passions ZEALS
Jamaican exports RUMS
Self-deprecate, then pause to get a reaction [squeezed] FISHFORCOMPLIMENTS
Detail-oriented and then some ANAL
Cartoon cry of dismay DOH
Nonsubmerging W.W. II menace EBOAT
Lead-in to an ext. TEL
Topping made with this puzzle's chopped and squeezed ingredients PICODEGALLO
___ reminder ASA
Place LIEU
Drug in the 1980 film "Altered States" LSD
Tiny creature on a slide AMOEBA
Just in case LEST


Salt-N-Pepa hit SHOOP
N.F.L. M.V.P. Jackson LAMAR
"___ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny AINTI
Be in mourning GRIEVE
Grammy co-winner for "Double Fantasy" ONO
Omaha stake? BET
Little pest TWERP
Opposite of radial ULNAR
"Neat!" SOCOOL
One in a cote with a coat EWE
Id checkers SUPEREGOS
Lululemon purchase SPORTSBRA
"Them" ENEMY
Exam for many jrs. PSAT
World premiere DEBUT
Barbershop supply TALC
Rosewater of Kurt Vonnegut's "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" ELIOT
Boeuf alternative PORC
Skimmer's target, often ATM
Tomfoolery CRAZINESS
Dark green side dish KALESALAD
Brooding style in music or fashion EMO
Vice president between Hubert and Gerald SPIRO
Big inits. in handbags YSL
Longtime CBS journalist Lesley STAHL
___-truths HALF
One who may endow a scholarship, informally ALUM
Concern for one with hypertension SODIUM
Digital video format MPEG
Real dirtbag SLIMEBALL
Like some flaws FATAL
Boxer Marciano's given name ROCCO
Epic mess-up at a critical moment CHOKE
"Seriously!" NOLIE
Dark beer STOUT
Nonprofit spot, in brief PSA
Secretary of the Interior Haaland DEB
#MeToo ___ ERA
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