New York Times Crossword Answers November 26, 2021

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Author: Kate Hawkins
Editor: Will Shortz


Small headache PEST
Onetime chain that offered Free Battery Club memberships RADIOSHACK
-Down highlight ARIA
Best-selling heavy metal band named for a torture device IRONMAIDEN
Big ol' mouth TRAP
Brushing, e.g. DENTALCARE
TV character who said "I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!" HOMER
Old worker with pads STENO
Big ol' mouth MAW
Pine product RESIN
It's flat on a snapback BRIM
Coin-___ OPS
vis-à-vis 2 CUBE
Aimee ___ McPherson, evangelist behind America's first megachurch SEMPLE
Vulnerable newcomers, in slang FRESHMEAT
Field AREA
Duo in an ellipse FOCI
Intoxicate BESOT
They might be gathered by the pound DOGS
Bio subj. ANAT
Labor union offering, perhaps STRIKEPAY
More than dangerous LETHAL
Banned Books Week org. ALA
___ Yaga (folklore villain) BABA
Release LETGO
Its structure was evidenced by Photo 51, an X-ray captured in 1952 DNA
Several Russian czars IVANS
Cocktail tidbit PRAWN
Going from 99 to 100, say ROUNDINGUP
Archer of note ANNE
In hot pursuit ONTHESCENT
See 60-Down IDEA
Experts in English? POOLSHARKS
Sharp, in a way TART


Trail PATH
Like a butterfingers ERRORPRONE
Bucky in the comic strip "Get Fuzzy," e.g. SIAMESECAT
Patches up, in a way TAPES
Clear RID
Foe of Wonder Woman ARES
"Stay in touch!" DONTBEASTRANGER
Place underground INTER
Subjects of a certain sultanate OMANIS
Strauss work with the "Dance of the Seven Veils" SALOME
Flashin' Fruit Punch brand HIC
#1 dad? ADAM
Michael who played George Michael Bluth on TV CERA
Was aware KNEW
Like angel investors and devil's food cake RICH
Not sensitive (to) NUMB
Viscera OFFAL
Queen's subjects BEES
Not natural MADE
The art of politics? PROPAGANDA
Entitled sort LEGALOWNER
Desire of a quick study? EASYA
Emperor's order in "Star Wars" SITH
Fatty tuna in Japanese cuisine TORO
Register TILL
Stay good KEEP
Goes along with ABIDES
Extravagant LAVISH
Where to get money in Milano BANCA
Bit of a character TRAIT
Go down DROP
You shouldn't do this NONO
What you might unthinkingly be on AUTO
Gone down SUNK
With 66-Across, "Good thinking!" NEAT
Senators' org. NHL
Three for a trey: Abbr. PTS
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