New York Times Crossword Answers October 16, 2020

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Author: Damon Gulczynski
Editor: Will Shortz


Graduation props? HONORS
Where gowns are worn, for short ORS
Eponymous Dutch town EDAM
One of a tribe of mythical warriors AMAZON
Showboaty home run celebrations BATFLIPS
The People's Princess, to the people LADYDI
Statement of readiness IMALLSET
"Win some, lose some" THEMSTHEBREAKS
Singer Bareilles SARA
Key chain? ISLES
It's not merely a yen NEED
Actor in "The Office" and "The Hangover" EDHELMS
Mentally exhilarating experience HEADTRIP
Seconds, say MORE
"It's nobody's fault" ACCIDENTSHAPPEN
Inits. at the top of some brackets NCAA
Conclusive proof provider ACIDTEST
Enormous in proportion SEISMIC
Place to buy and sell online ETSY
Jazz fan, presumably UTAHN
Cheek or lip SASS
Bygone mode of transportation ZEPPELIN
Defector, perhaps EMIGRE
What keywords are used for ENCODING
Starter follower ENTREE
Big ___ (40-Across conference) EAST
Number often seen before a plus sign AGE
Repudiate DISOWN


Shuts down HALTS
City in which Malcolm X was born OMAHA
Former presidential candidate who wrote "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!" NADER
The "king of kings," per a famous sonnet OZYMANDIAS
Nuclear fuel containers RODS
Most valuable player awards? OBIES
Go on tangent after tangent RAMBLE
Didn't merely peek STARED
"We All Love ___: Celebrating the First Lady of Song" (2007 tribute) ELLA
Plate, e.g. DISK
Brutes APES
Winter hrs. in Yellowstone MST
Peach part FLESH
Used as a lair HIDIN
A few minutes after your Lyft arrives, say ETD
What can come before long ERE
Incompetent execs EMPTYSUITS
Easy pace LOPE
G.I. rations, for short MRES
Text message status SENT
Prince in "Frozen" HANS
Latin "Lo!" ECCE
Smoothie bar stock ACAI
Group electing officers in Sept., maybe PTA
Sellout HIT
"Remove ___" (in-app come-on) ADS
Zoom call status MUTED
Lago di Como locale ITALIA
Door or window frame CASING
Depend (on) HINGE
Belligerent, in British slang AGGRO
Cousin of a mole SHREW
Dutch painter Jan STEEN
Actress Malone of the "Hunger Games" films JENA
Supermarket IDs UPCS
Word before check … or a pattern alternative to a check SPOT
Opposite of disregard HEED
Hilton competitor OMNI
Half of a jazz duo ZEE
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