New York Times Crossword Answers October 17, 2021

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Author: Jeff Chen
Editor: Will Shortz


Conveniently forgets to mention, maybe OMITS
Big name in investing SCHWAB
How many writers work ONSPEC
Ran out of patience HADIT
Meghan ___, Grammy's 2015 Best New Artist TRAINOR
Get warmed up PREHEAT
Word with water or Electric SLIDE
Meaningful work? ROGETSTHESAURUS
Rock bottom NADIR
Special ___ OPS
Like TV's Niles Crane and Monica Geller NEUROTIC
Their existence is debatable ALIENS
Conflict in 2017's "Wonder Woman," in brief WWI
Source of Supergirl's powers SUN
Clothing line HEM
Ballet supporter, e.g. PATRONOFTHEARTS
N.A.A.C.P. ___ Awards IMAGE
REI competitor LLBEAN
Shout of support OLE
Gamelan instruments GONGS
Unflappable STOIC
Basic point GIST
Main squeeze, in modern lingo BAE
Texas hold 'em pair nicknamed "ducks" DEUCES
"___ and Fugue in D Minor" (piece used in "Fantasia") TOCCATA
Lucifer SATAN
The "vice of narrow souls," per Balzac HATRED
Goddess who sprang from her father's head ATHENA
Bibliophile Books :: Oenophile
"Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism" author LENIN
Muck GOO
Present without being present THEREINSPIRIT
Ship for 28-Across UFO
Like a space cadet MOONY
Part of the body named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg GSPOT
Accustomed (to) ENURED
On edibles, say STONED
A shore thing SHELL
Posted one's thoughts BLOGGED
Makes a comeback? ECHOES
Souvenir for a Final Four team NET
Ingredient in many balms ALOE
Company with an iconic yellow Running Man logo AOL
"The Lion King" trio HYENAS
Receiver of private instruction TUTEE
Ritzy transports CHARTEREDPLANES
Japanese prime minister before Suga ABE
Hosp. diagnostic MRI
Where Gal Gadot was born: Abbr. ISR
Instigate FOMENT
Not worth a ___ SOU
Pal of Buzz Lightyear WOODY
You wouldn't want them to have a crush on you BOACONSTRICTORS
Director DeMille CECIL
Chuck E. Cheeses, in part ARCADES
One way to go INPEACE
Better than ABOVE
Off course ASTRAY
One of the Magi, along with Melchior and Balthazar GASPAR
Designated things for bikes and buses LANES


"Sick burn!" OHSNAP
Peace Nobelist Yousafzai MALALA
Cry of success IDIDIT
More orderly TIDIER
Fuel for a camp stove STERNO
Houston STRO
Field's yield CROP
Macbeth trio HAGS
Golfer Michelle WIE
Sight on an M. C. Escher Möbius strip ANT
Balkan region BOSNIA
Director Welles ORSON
Fastidious NEAT
Feng ___ SHUI
As things might happen PERCHANCE
Something bottled in Cannes EAU
Price abbr. CTS
GPS recommendation: Abbr. RTE
Look over PERUSE
Get a move on HUSTLE
Kenan Thompson is its longest-tenured member, for short SNL
Reminiscence about an epic party WHATANIGHT
Ming-Na who starred as Mulan in 1998's "Mulan" WEN
Played a Halloween prank on EGGED
Pickle MESS
Olympic gold-medal gymnast Korbut OLGA
Govt. agency that Jimmy Woo works for on "WandaVision" FBI
Santiago of "Scandal" TESSIE
Horse of a different color ROAN
Sit shiva, e.g. MOURN
Male deer STAG
Completely, after "in" TOTO
Diez menos dos OCHO
Most of Greenland ICE
Like dim sum CANTONESE
One hitting the low notes BASSPLAYER
Name that means "God is my judge" DANIEL
Some Chevy S.U.V.s TAHOES
Present, e.g. TENSE
She/___ HER
Droll WRY
Kid ___ LIT
Denouement END
One who asks a lot of questions POLLER
The munchies, e.g. URGE
Step two? FEET
Nine to five, for example ODDS
Animal on Ontario's coat of arms MOOSE
"Not this again!" UGH
Take out of the game SCRUB
Law that led to a 1773 revolt THETEAACT
Actress Ward SELA
Abacus piece BEAD
James who sang "At Last" ETTA
Nary a trace (of) NOHINT
With 83-Down, puzzle solver's starting point ONE
See 80-Down ACROSS
Altitudes: Abbr. HTS
It guards against UVB SPF
Like the sun at dawn RISING
Little blob AMOEBA
Critic of the Great Society NEOCON
Radicchio relative ENDIVE
Distinctive flairs STYLES
Real, in Rio MONEY
Disney villain voiced by Jeremy Irons SCAR
Bar mixer SODA
The Cardinals, on scoreboards ARI
Series that might feature a long-lost father-uncle SOAP
Only known animal to prey on great white sharks ORCA
Person calling tech support, say USER
Bleat BAA
Some conjunctions ORS
Summer worker, in brief? CPA
French possessive TES
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