New York Times Crossword Answers October 18, 2021

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Author: Freddie Cheng
Editor: Will Shortz


State known for lobsters and pine trees MAINE
Laziest of the deadly sins SLOTH
St. ___ fire ELMOS
Outdoor lounging area PATIO
Actress Gasteyer of "Saturday Night Live" fame ANA
Athlete who rarely gets sacked or has a pass intercepted STARQUARTERBACK
Stereotypical name for a dog FIDO
Like neon gas NOBLE
Classic cinema name ODEON
It's inhaled on an ocean cruise SEAAIR
Frenzies MANIAS
Run-down places RATTRAPS
, 4, 6 and 8, but not 1, 3, 5 and 7 EVENS
___ latte CHAI
Figure to aim for, according to personal trainers TARGETHEARTRATE
Moistens WETS
Bar mitzvah dances HORAS
Pastry made with an orchard fruit PEARTART
Start, as a computer BOOTUP
Coins of India RUPEES
Stuff of little substance FLUFF
Woman's name derived from the Greek for "peace" IRENA
Angel's overhead? HALO
"That's really nice!" OOH
Political group symbolized by a donkey DEMOCRATICPARTY
___ out a living EKE
Not with the times UNHIP
Handmade sign held up by a kid in the bleachers HIMOM
___ Andreas fault SAN
Histories that may be checkered or sordid PASTS
Twin Mary-Kate or Ashley OLSEN


Fine lattice MESH
Kind of sax ALTO
"It's curtains for me!" IMAGONER
Conjunction used in logic NOR
Abbr. after a lawyer's name ESQ
Ferdinand and Isabella's land SPAIN
Nonvegan shortening LARD
Germany's von Bismarck OTTO
Classic Father's Day gift TIE
Charlotte hoopster HORNET
Start of a nursery rhyme about bags of wool BAABAA
Detach, as a seatbelt UNCLIP
Bread makers BAKERS
Causes of some mysterious radar blips, in brief UFOS
Pig in the wild BOAR
Microwave notification DING
Simplicity EASE
Mix with a spoon STIR
Ran across MET
Director DuVernay AVA
Butler of "Gone With the Wind" RHETT
Penlight batteries AAAS
One-named pop diva CHER
"___ the night before Christmas …" TWAS
Holier-than-___ THOU
Housetop ROOF
Various creative mediums … or a hint to variations found in the shaded squares ARTFORMS
Sigma's follower TAU
Telepathic letters ESP
Lion packs PRIDES
Shout accompanying a brilliant realization EUREKA
Prehistoric human relations? APEMEN
Nevada slots city RENO
Super-miniature dog breed size TEACUP
Voting group BLOC
Tosses, as a coin FLIPS
Disbelieving laughs HAHS
"Look ___ this way …" ATIT
Siouan people OTOE
"Amazing Grace," for one HYMN
Messenger molecule RNA
Noodle soup in Hanoi PHO
Feel sick AIL
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