New York Times Crossword Answers September 12, 2020

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Author: Ryan McCarty
Editor: Will Shortz


Cut along the grain RIPSAW
Collection of offers? THEMOB
Component of ants on a log CELERY
Flash setting DCCOMICS
Who shot Mr. Burns on the classic TV episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" MAGGIE
Lowly sorts, in pirate lingo BILGERATS
Goes so-o-o slowly DRAGS
___ orange OSAGE
Unenthused response MEH
A.P.R.-lowering option REFI
Really digging NOSY
Mesoamerican language family with about half a million speakers ZAPOTECAN
Sites of sudden admissions, for short ERS
Carolers' wear SANTAHATS
Middle-distance options on fairways FIVEIRONS
The ___ Five, nickname for the "Queer Eye" cast FAB
Political commentator Perino DANA
Non-nons? OUIS
Onetime airer of "Music City Tonight" TNN
Multitudes HOSTS
Kind of mold JELLO
Producers of sharp increases in height? STILETTOS
Score marking to play higher or lower than written OTTAVA
Summer carnival treat SNOWCONE
One pile of laundry WHITES
"What are you waiting for?!" GETONIT
Ostracized group in the Bible LEPERS
___ March (annual event since 2017) WOMENS


Band with the 1974 hit "Come and Get Your Love" REDBONE
Bucktooth, e.g. INCISOR
Student body activity? PECLASS
Polluted, in a way SMOGGY
Novelist Bender AIMEE
Small dam WEIR
Channel that airs many B&W films TCM
Passenger car attachments HEADRESTS
Some Prado masterpieces ELGRECOS
Etymology, for example ORIGIN
Rewards for regular-season winners, maybe BYES
Mike and Carol Brady, on "The Brady Bunch" STEPPARENTS
Putting in a tight spot SHOEHORNING
___ cards (ESP testing items) ZENER
Slangy sedative TRANK
Covers, as a pothole PAVESOVER
Strike that's barely struck FOULTIP
Unfair trick FASTONE
___ Dolohov, one of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter books ANTONIN
Relatives of bloodhounds BASSETS
Author who popularized the demon Mephistopheles GOETHE
Counterpart of a brick-and-mortar business DOTCOM
Strictly uphold HEWTO
Prominent part of a bloodhound JOWL
Early movie mogul Marcus LOEW
Behind ASS
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