New York Times Crossword Answers September 13, 2021

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Author: A. Tariq
Editor: Will Shortz


Walk heavily STOMP
Face ___ (app that creates bizarre photos) SWAP
Successors of VHS tapes DVDS
Deed holder OWNER
Leonardo da Vinci's "___ Lisa" MONA
Collect, as profits REAP
Group of Washington politicians? HOUSEPARTY
Turkish title of honor AGHA
C.I.A. forerunner OSS
Old MacDonald had one FARM
Bakery items that may come with lox and cream cheese BAGELS
Lemon twists, e.g. ZESTS
Border on ABUT
Bit of attire that may have a slogan on it TSHIRT
Group of diamond jewelry wearers? ICEPACK
Hilarious person RIOT
State whose flag, with eight gold stars in the shape of the Big Dipper, was designed by a 13-year-old ALASKA
Title word sung 52 times in a 2000 hit by 'N Sync BYE
Nonmainstream, as music INDIE
De-squeak OIL
Italian city known as a fashion hub MILAN
Sunny-side-up item EGG
Coastlines SHORES
Millennials, informally GENY
Group of profoundly insightful people? DEEPSET
Major Ukrainian port known as the "Pearl of the Black Sea" ODESSA
Urgent request PLEA
Cruise ship LINER
"You lose" IWIN
Modeled, as for a portrait SAT
Fishing sticks RODS
Group of big rig haulers? SEMICIRCLE
Artist Vincent van ___ GOGH
Baseball officials, for short UMPS
Subside ABATE
"___ doke!" OKEY
Instruction on a door PUSH
Vehicles that might have bars and minifridges inside LIMOS


Manhattan neighborhood above Canal Street SOHO
Lowest pair in poker TWOS
Burden ONUS
___ amis (my friends: Fr.) MES
Rather have PREFER
Intelligent SMART
Rewards for early birds WORMS
Tiny hill dweller ANT
Bring back, as a bad memory DRAGUP
"Eat your ___!" (parent's order) VEGETABLES
Roald who wrote "James and the Giant Peach" DAHL
Pampering places SPAS
Angel hair or penne PASTA
Crosswise, to a sailor ABEAM
Baked Italian dish ZITI
Made an attempt TRIED
Lightly burn SINGE
Spot of land in the ocean ISLE
Shades of blue used in print cartridges CYANS
Country that celebrated Obama Day in 2008 KENYA
Pirate's treasure LOOT
Broadcast AIR
German city in the Ruhr Valley ESSEN
Longtime Disney chief Bob IGER
"Careful!" HEADSUP
___ boom (plane effect) SONIC
Soft toy PLUSHY
Turndown DENIAL
Walks with some difficulty LIMPS
"If only that were true …" IWISH
Jason's ship, in Greek myth ARGO
Corner chess piece ROOK
Con job SCAM
Intermediate choir voice ALTO
Golfer's bagful TEES
Relative of an ostrich EMU
Slugger's stat RBI
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