New York Times Crossword Answers September 26, 2021

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Author: Priyanka Sethy and Matthew Stock
Editor: Will Shortz


Ones with big heads around the office? TACKS
With 27-Down, island nation near Indonesia EAST
What OPEC and NATO are both in? CAPS
E, in Morse code DIT
Inauguration Day activity SWEARINGIN
Five-times-a-day Islamic prayer SALAT
Word with earth or muscle TONE
Function whose output is 45° when applied to 1 ARCTANGENT
German Freundin :: Spanish
Google search info HITS
Some whiskeys RYES
Piece of work TASK
Premium membership designation ELITESTATUS
End ___ USER
Small row SPAT
Sashimi selection AHITUNA
Holds HAS
Language of the 18th-century poet Mir Taqi Mir URDU
(0,0), in math ORIGIN
Put on an unhappy face MOPE
It lets you see the sites INTERNETCONNECTION
Rice dish PILAF
Mess up ERR
Hebrew name meaning "ascent" ELI
Walks (on) TREADS
Talk, talk, talk GAB
"How ___!" RUDE
Contents of some banks SNOW
Hyphenated beverage brand HIC
Holders of multiple passports DUALCITIZENS
Transcript fig. GPA
Give a hoot? JEER
Values highly ESTEEMS
Trouble ADO
[Ignore that edit] STET
Honey ___ (Special K flavor) OAT
First openly lesbian anchor to host a major prime-time news program RACHELMADDOW
Pond fish KOI
Not looking good at all DIRE
Follow closely TAIL
Goth relative EMO
"What in the …!" SONOFA
$$$ for old age IRA
___ soap LYE
Brutes OGRES
Ones fighting for change POLITICALACTIVISTS
Reindeer in "Frozen" SVEN
Start of a rendezvous request MEETME
jukebox musical featuring the song "Proud Mary" TINA
Sun-kissed, say TAN
Funny business? STANDUP
"___ a Crime" (2016 Trevor Noah memoir) BORN
Hempseed product CANNABISOIL
Property claim LIEN
One might be good or evil OMEN
Michael ___ of "Ugly Betty" URIE
End of an era? ONEBC
Bringing up the rear LASTINLINE
Kind of syrup that's an alternative to honey AGAVE
Homeland of many Paiute and Shoshone GREATBASIN
Grate expectations? ASH
"Spy Kids" actress Hatcher TERI
"So true!" AMEN
One of two poles ANODE


"May God bless and keep the ___ … far away from us!" ("Fiddler on the Roof" line) TSAR
Bad way to go AWRY
Winans with 12 Grammys CECE
Panko-breaded chicken dish KATSU
Sp. title SRA
Fence line? ENGARDE
A long time AGES
Drops in water SINKS
Purchase for Wile E. Coyote TNT
Sleeveless undergarment, informally CAMI
Settled (on) ALIT
Event with a crowning moment PAGEANT
Pull out all the stops DOITUP
Not sharp, perhaps INTUNE
Thompson of "Sorry to Bother You" TESSA
Summer ___ INTERN
Soda cracker, by another name SALTINE
Choice words? THATONE
Pull in EARN
See 6-Across TIMOR
Microsoft's answer to the iPad SURFACE
"I'm so sorry for you!" POORDEAR
Trendy HIP
Alex and ___ (jewelry chain) ANI
Mo. metropolis STL
Early development sites UTERI
Extended-wear manicure options GELS
Added bonus, metaphorically ICING
Aerie baby EAGLET
Celia known as the "Queen of Salsa" CRUZ
Words of admission ITWASME
Stop ___ (sign) AHEAD
Muralist Rivera DIEGO
Goof (around) SCREW
Kind of data distribution with two peaks BIMODAL
Finish with ENDAT
Tometi who co-founded Black Lives Matter OPAL
Newsroom sights DESKS
"So are we!" USTOO
Used Grubhub or Postmates, say ATEIN
___ Ing-wen, first female president of Taiwan TSAI
Traditional attire for some martial artists JUDOGI
Ornate tea vessel SAMOVAR
Overdone TRITE
"Howdy!" HIYA
Put in a seat, perhaps ELECT
Lakeside city that's at one end of I-79 ERIE
Result of pulling the goalie OPENNET
Jane of "9 to 5" FONDA
"Don't misbehave!" ACTNICE
Q followers RST
Letter that rhymes with three other letters ETA
Phishing target, for short SSN
Encroach IMPINGE
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
Like the Dalai Lama TIBETAN
Part of the joke INONIT
Go away VANISH
Take a dive, perhaps SCUBA
W.W. II threat UBOAT
Ringing in the new day? ALARM
Brown or blacken SEAR
"Duh!," in modern slang OBVI
[Nodding] ISEE
Japanese soup ingredient MISO
Children's author Blyton ENID
Bird with a reduplicative name NENE
JFK alternative LGA
Dallas and Houston are in it, in brief NBA
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