New York Times Crossword Answers September 26, 2022

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Author: Margaret Seikel
Editor: Will Shortz


Regions AREAS
Made over from square one REDID
Mushroom top CAP
Donkey used as a pack animal BURRO
Wear away, as soil ERODE
Aioli ingredient … or three of the letters in "aioli" OIL
*Indoor bouldering locale CLIMBINGGYM
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
Produce, as by a gland SECRETE
Found a place for on the schedule SLOTTED
Slice of history ERA
Purple avenue in Monopoly BALTIC
"Too bad, so sad!" ALAS
French for "milk" LAIT
"___ well that ends well" ALLS
Kids may make one out of pillows or snow FORT
___ and outs INS
Say no, when given a choice OPTOUT
Do something ACT
*Male equivalent of a she-shed MANCAVE
What to call a knight SIR
Kind of sleeve that extends to the collar RAGLAN
Miley Cyrus's "Party in the ___" USA
Grp. that opposes foie gras and wearing fur PETA
Heart of the matter GIST
Thingy ITEM
Ambitiously pursue, as an opportunity LEAPAT
Janis ___, "Mean Girls" sidekick IAN
Give support to BOLSTER
Cosmetic reapplication TOUCHUP
Gorilla, e.g. APE
"Stick with it!" … or a hint to the answers to the starred clues HANGINTHERE
La Brea ___ Pits (Los Angeles attraction) TAR
Rhode Island, the ___ State OCEAN
This Greek letter: Ω OMEGA
Crafty SLY
Proudly brainy sorts NERDS
Passover meal SEDER


Kindergarten basics ABCS
"I before E except after C," e.g. RULE
Children's book author ___ Carle ERIC
Place where elbows bump on a plane ARMREST
Not drunk SOBER
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Unit of work ERG
Watched a neighbor's pup, say DOGSAT
Pastoral poem IDYLL
Cassette submitted to a record label DEMOTAPE
*Room by the foyer, often COATCLOSET
Errand runner AIDE
Lumber (along) PLOD
Like pizzas and piazzas ITALIAN
___-A-Whirl (carnival ride) TILT
Cookie, to the Brits BISCUIT
Off in the distance AFAR
Good person to ask to show you around town LOCAL
*Place to buy a painting ARTGALLERY
___ Arbor, Mich. ANN
Multiroom hotel offering SUITE
A big one might be standing in a concert hall OVATION
Coal carrier TRAM
Running portion of an Ironman race MARATHON
Stubborn animal ASS
Claims rated "four Pinocchios," say LIES
"I must be dreaming!" PINCHME
Gather, as support GARNER
What a dove symbolizes PEACE
Faces a pitcher BATS
Birthstone for most Libras OPAL
Breath mint containers TINS
Follow, as advice HEED
Compulsive feeling URGE
Not-quite-round fruit PEAR
Aimlessly wander (about) GAD
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