New York Times Crossword Answers September 27, 2022

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Author: Peter Koetters
Editor: Will Shortz


"Go directly to ___" (order in Monopoly) JAIL
Number of dice in Yahtzee FIVE
Menacing eel MORAY
Alan of "Marriage Story" ALDA
Blissful place EDEN
Like at least two angles of every triangle ACUTE
Fencing partners? NEIGHBORS
Extend, as wedding vows RENEW
Prefix with skeleton EXO
Airport of Paris ORLY
By way of VIA
Dishes steamed in cornhusks TAMALES
Nickname for N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Greene MEANJOE
Candy from a "head" PEZ
Battle of Normandy city CAEN
Spanish article UNA
Hockey great Jaromir ___ JAGR
"Nothing to it!" EASY
Ed of "Up" ASNER
With 70-Across, 1997 film in which Peter Fonda plays a beekeeper ULEES
Putting ___ fight UPA
Take effect SETIN
Many, informally LOTSA
Instrument played with a mallet GONG
Buddies PALS
Online payment sent from a bank account, in brief EFT
Cry in a game of tag IMIT
Chain of Polynesian islands? LEI
Informal informant STOOLIE
Like a wanderer NOMADIC
Corp. money minder CFO
Greiner of "Shark Tank" LORI
Outback bird EMU
Most populous Caribbean country HAITI
Exodus follower LEVITICUS
One of the daughters in "Despicable Me" AGNES
Curved molding, in architecture OGEE
Swanky POSH
Any of 12 represented in this puzzle's shaded squares MONTH
See 39-Across GOLD
Pretentious ARTY


Treasury secretary Yellen JANET
Whom you might ask to turn off the lights, nowadays ALEXA
"Getting on in years," e.g. IDIOM
Fall behind LAG
Air freshener brand FEBREZE
Paparazzi targets IDOLS
Part of V.I.P. VERY
They come before ohs ENS
___ Trench, deepest place in the 10-Down MARIANAS
See 9-Down OCEAN
Seek office RUN
Wolfed down ATE
Bow-making wood YEW
What a jelly doughnut lacks HOLE
Flying geese formation VEE
French for "after" APRES
Chichén Itzá builder MAYAN
Postcoup group JUNTA
Surname that's an anagram of NO LIE ONEIL
Deserves EARNS
Bill worth 100 bones CSPOT
Verne of sci-fi JULES
High in the sky ALOFT
Arrive at GETTO
Hanna-Barbera's ___ Doggie AUGIE
Photo filter for a retro look SEPIA
Marine swimmer with a tall dorsal fin SAILFISH
Reveled (in) GLORIED
"Dios ___!" MIO
Give off EMIT
Duo times four OCTET
New and unusual NOVEL
Interior designer's concern DECOR
Possible answer to "Do you have to?" IMUST
Undemanding and well-paying, as a job CUSHY
Plastic brick LEGO
Black Forest ___ HAM
In the past AGO
Alternative to an Airbnb INN
Rolling contest roller LOG
Brewpub offering, in brief IPA
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