Newsday Crossword Answers April 01, 2021

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Cleveland hoopsters, in headlines CAVS
Dutch South African BOER
Single-edged sword SABER
Touch up prose EDIT
Elegant and expensive LUXE
Kors competitor PRADA
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Homecoming delayer TRAFFICJAM
Homeland of Nefertiti EGYPT
Traveler in Oz LION
Electric flow measure AMP
Subsequent airing RERUN
Start the day late SLEEPIN
Melted nacho topper QUESODIP
Chaucer pilgrim REEVE
Happy moods UPS
Rembrandt contemporary STEEN
”Go, team!” RAH
”Hold your horses,” for example IDIOM
Italian appetizers CROSTINI
Annuity scheme TONTINE
Acquired relative INLAW
”I think” tweet IMO
”That __ typical!” ISSO
Palindromic precept TENET
Reason to get a new ID NAMECHANGE
Gumbo stuff OKRA
Free from obstruction CLEAR
Certain bolt fastener TNUT
Move like a butterfly FLIT
”Steel-driving man” of folklore HENRY
Epsilon follower ZETA
They may be parking or handling FEES


Face on a movie mag cover CELEB
Oft-quoted saying ADAGE
Popular plastic polymer VINYLRESIN
Principal commodities STAPLES
Crunchy lunch order BLT
Partnership pronoun OUR
Glorify EXALT
Adapts for new uses REFITS
Board game device SPINNER
Unstraight line ARC
Mexicali’s peninsula BAJA
Dutch cheese EDAM
Boat-into-water pathway RAMP
Court jester FOOL
Newcomer TYRO
Pals, of late BUDS
Apartment, to rental agents UNIT
Make use of a sense SEE
Slavic Johann IVAN
Retro birch beer brand NEHI
Stopped trying QUIT
Off-the-neck hairstyle UPDO
Ab’s neighbor PEC
Notable Norse name ERIC
Action to avoid NONO
NFL extras OTS
The art of imitation MIMICRY
Position to fill SLOT
Parodic imitation TAKEOFF
Ogden of light verse NASH
Synthetic ERSATZ
1,000 kilogrammes TONNE
Unearthly EERIE
Palindromic data STATS
Progress slightly INCH
Steer or stag MALE
Forewarning OMEN
Loving-cup handle EAR
Instinctive, so to speak GUT
Pilot’s announcement ETA
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