Newsday Crossword Answers April 04, 2021

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Author: Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


Ranch assemblies HERDS
Uppermost point ACME
Work one’s jabs SPAR
”Out you go!” SCAT
Took the loss ATEIT
Developmental state PHASE
Remarkable thing LULU
Symbol of stubbornness MULE
One way to cheat at basketball SHAVEPOINTS
Hardships ILLS
Diminutive ender ETTE
Outpost for Crockett ALAMO
Michelangelo’s ”David,” e.g. NUDE
Overabundance GLUT
Elemental particle ATOM
Crumb toters ANTS
Souvlaki holder PITA
Get rid of SHED
A way to sway FRO
10/31 greeting BOO
Tim Allen’s ”Toy Story” voice BUZZLIGHTYEAR
A wee hour TWO
Pro’s camera SLR
Crafty tactic PLOY
Drops in temperature COOLS
Criticized harshly BASHED
More than willing GLAD
Malarkey HOOEY
Tack on APPEND
Atonement, in Hebrew KIPPUR
What to fry in PAN
Mystery figures SUSPECTS
”No bid” IPASS
Right Guard rival ARRID
Chase scene sound effect SCREECH
Despoil MAR
Prepare for supermarket savings CLIPCOUPONS
Menu phrase ALA
Long and tiresome TEDIOUS
Summer swarmers GNATS
Zodiacal borders CUSPS
Linguistic variations DIALECTS
Mental quickness WIT
Separate grain from chaff THRESH
Highly decorated ORNATE
Retail network CHAIN
Ph.D. exam ORAL
Bette the entertainer MIDLER
Beach playthings PAILS
Gear for winter sports or water sports SKIS
Resort with baths SPA
Occult ability ESP
Prismatic array COLORSPECTRUM
Solo of sci-fi HAN
Back, at sea AFT
Lamb tenders EWES
Print shop package REAM
Arctic flier TERN
Racehorse’s pop SIRE
Short-lived popularities FADS
”Lago” contents AGUA
Layers of tissues PLIES
As soon as ONCE
Notable periods AGES
Do a pre-Christmas chore TRIMTHETREE
Passed with perfection ACED
Angler’s gadget LURE
Contemplated MUSED
Small bit of paint FLECK
Chums PALS
Not so much LESS
Twins and queens BEDS
Short-winded TERSE


Enjoys, in an eatery HAS
Plant-based fuel ETHANOL
Trademark in home selling REALTOR
Prima donnas DIVAS
Hold back, as the tide STEM
Mil. mail facility APO
Far from ritzy CHINTZY
How-to book MANUAL
Abbr. before a date ESTD
Just a tad SLIGHTLY
Helpers for hoisting PULLEYS
Refer subtly ALLUDE
Reddish-brown RUST
Makeup mess SMEAR
Get on with it CUTTOTHECHASE
Choral voice ALTO
Abound TEEM
Jargon suffix ESE
Well-liked POPULAR
Sit-up beneficiaries ABS
Sportswear brand IZOD
Oxford, for one SHOE
Fruity frozen dessert FRAPPE
87 or so BPLUS
More than known ICONIC
Moo __ gai pan GOO
Disparages ABASES
Took off WENT
Track figures ODDS
Proposal detail SPEC
Rental car add-on GPS
Instruments taller than cellos HARPS
Common Korean surname KIM
Pub designation IPA
Essential element PARTANDPARCEL
Imported auto since 2001 PRIUS
Adams who draws ”Dilbert” SCOTT
Coffee servers URNS
Quite a bit ALOT
Track tenaciously DOG
Picasso’s homeland SPAIN
Chicago suburb CICERO
Foolhardy UNWISE
Music buff’s vinyls LPS
Shade of gray ASH
Mideast airline ELAL
Sense with your senses DETECT
Huge fissure CHASM
Taj Mahal topper DOME
Novelist Murdoch IRIS
Significant success TRIUMPH
Expressions of love CARESSES
Expression of hate HISS
Austrian peak ALP
Gumbo staple OKRA
Sugar on donuts POWDERS
Fit to be tied STEAMED
More translucent SHEERER
They’re longer than light-years PARSECS
Lee of the Shakers ANN
Athletic organization LEAGUE
Vessel vacation CRUISE
Flows into FEEDS
Something seen on a spine TITLE
Slippery bar SOAP
Peruvian of yore INCA
Take a tumble FALL
Drive-thru device ATM
Cowpoke’s chow GRUB
Took off LEFT
NFL scores TDS
Scrape (out) EKE
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