Newsday Crossword Answers April 08, 2021

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Author: Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


What Iranians speak FARSI
Creator of Marge and 24 Across MATT
Fruit category POME
Restaurants serving stacks IHOPS
US Open finals stadium ASHE
Object of adoration IDOL
Hydropower source FALLS
Dairy aisle display MILK
Oscar film about a mathematician ABEAUTIFULMIND
Have in one’s grasp SEE
Toon bartender MOE
Curved entryway ARCH
Sorority letter ETA
Big name in American literature ERNEST
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Slow cooker creations STEWS
Put forth STATE
Check out quickly GIVETHEONCEOVER
Makeup mishap SMEAR
Artistry SKILL
Eternally, in poetry EER
High-heels holder TSTRAP
Agency concerned with MPG EPA
”Excellence in Sports” award ESPY
Palermo possessive MIA
Atom with a charge ION
Query of concern WHATSTHEMATTER
Burn a bit CHAR
Travel plan TOUR
Plumbing or welding TRADE
Sway gently ROCK
As a consequence ERGO
Had no use for HATED
Rattles on YAKS
Not as intense LESS
Goes across SPANS


World Cup org. FIFA
Fictional whaler AHAB
Portrayal ROLE
Flashy impression SPLASH
Put forth ISSUE
New Testament trio MAGI
”In your dreams!” ASIF
Via, briefly THRU
”I’m all ears!” TELLME
Olive stuffing PIMIENTO
Valhalla host ODIN
Shape to suit MOLD
Bull with antlers ELK
Oral exam focus TEETH
Tasty bit MORSEL
Uneasy feeling ANGST
French Champagne city REIMS
Long for COVET
Casual tops TEES
Came alive AWOKE
Spots for icicles EAVES
High-priced STEEP
Washcloth fabric TERRY
Narrow passage STRAIT
Delicate cut SNIP
Sets aside EARMARKS
Allege CLAIM
Soft shade PASTEL
Lure into trouble ENTRAP
Trial declarations OATHS
”Not so fast!” WHOA
Remove rashly HACK
Pulled asunder TORE
Warm greetings HUGS
Winged matchmaker EROS
”Later!” TATA
What Nod was east of EDEN
Much lipstick REDS
Loud outburst CRY
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