Newsday Crossword Answers April 25, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Stamps for travelers VISAS
Italian autos FIATS
Out of danger SAFE
Kick in ADD
Money-saving, in brand names ECONO
”101” course, for short INTRO
Main point CRUX
Spark of innovation IDEA
5K organizer RUNNINGCLUB
Pneumatic tool AIRHAMMER
Make certain ASSURE
Isn’t lacking HAS
St. Pete’s locale FLA
Measure of current AMPERE
Places to graze LEAS
Designer’s interpretation STYLE
Horseshoes score LEANER
Sweet conclusion DESSERT
Wasn’t kidding about MEANT
Photo blowup: Abbr. ENL
”Outer” starter EXO
Renter from a renter SUBLETTER
Blot gently DABAT
Witch’s revenge CURSE
Scot’s turndown NAE
Uncertain factors IFS
__ as (for example) SUCH
Singer of ”Skyfall” ADELE
Political pamphlets TRACTS
Altar exchanges VOWS
Car grille protector BRA
Sows and cows FEMALES
Self-absorbed VAIN
Higher-up, for short EXEC
Track transaction BET
Lyft alternative UBER
Beef, e.g. REDMEAT
Punxsutawney groundhog PHIL
__ Altos, CA LOS
Tequila cocktail, on menus RITA
Microfilm holder REEL
Hi-fi equipment STEREOS
Merchandise ID UPC
Read, as an 83 Across SCAN
Off the mark ERRANT
Festive gathering GALA
Crescent shape ARC
Debussy’s sea MER
Blacksmith’s block ANVIL
Sacked out SLEPT
Post-exercise activity HOTSHOWER
Actress Longoria EVA
Encouraging touch PAT
Two presidents ago OBAMA
Locked down SECURED
Eastern French region ALSACE
Avoid artfully ELUDE
Silverstein of kid lit SHEL
Ante- relative PRE
Part of a Swiss range ALP
Hold in high regard ESTEEM
Path cleared from an old track RAILTRAIL
Metallic shooter for a kids’ game STEELMARBLE
Doctrines ISMS
Part of ABM ANTI
Wash cycle RINSE
Extremely eager RABID
See 131 Across LEE
With 130 Across, Spider-Man cocreator STAN
Econometric figures STATS
Quartet in ”Mississippi” ESSES


Wang of fashion VERA
Post-op areas ICUS
Jacob’s dozen SONS
Renders invalid ANNULS
Evening bash SOIREE
Fruit in some cookies FIG
Ruler marking INCH
Where the world is flat ATLAS
Scammer’s comment TRUSTME
Cry audibly SOB
Triangle descriptor SCALENE
Diva’s delivery ARIA
Hare hair FUR
Sigh, say EXHALE
Guys writing slogans ADMEN
Farm machine giant DEERE
Risk-taking type DARER
Savanna antelopes IMPALAS
Closes in on NEARS
Add a clause to AMEND
No longer fizzy FLAT
Daredevil displays STUNTS
”But then again . . .” YET
Type of tea DECAF
Radiate, as confidence EXUDE
Post-exercise woe SOREMUSCLE
Serving-dish holder TRIVET
Shape of an ingot BAR
Exit the premises LEAVE
Betray excitement BUBBLEOVER
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Pointer’s pronoun THAT
Concrete floor SLAB
They catch long fish EELERS
Aesopian animal FOX
Won all the games SWEPT
Core group CADRE
Hourglass, for instance TIMER
Vile smile SNEER
Conceptual framework SCHEMA
Novelist Jong ERICA
Southwestern spread RANCHO
Texas tourist attraction ALAMO
Mineral in spinach IRON
Carries with difficulty LUGS
”Fiery” gem OPAL
Stuff in macadam TAR
Italicize, say STRESS
Dark green OLIVE
Green course SALAD
Just released NEW
Horrifies APPALLS
”Don’t play,” in music TACET
Ohio college OBERLIN
Bit of folklore TALE
Dallas sch. SMU
Went toe-to-toe HADATIT
Alter, as a dress REHEM
Aquarium swimmers TETRAS
Lucrezia Borgia’s brother CESARE
Extremists ULTRAS
National Humor Month APRIL
Car shopper’s option LEASE
Scoundrels, so to speak SLIME
Justice Kagan ELENA
Thin bread PITA
Irritant PEST
Reverse flows EBBS
Writer Wiesel ELIE
What docs prescribe MEDS
Tiny tunneler ANT
Many SAT takers SRS
”__ Miz” LES
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