Newsday Crossword Answers April 29, 2021

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Author: Gary M. Larson, edited by Stanley Newman


Cuts of tuna STEAKS
Simple bunk COT
Desktop art ICON
Protest, perhaps HISSAT
”__ missing something?” AMI
Kauai cookout LUAU
What you wear ATTIRE
Crisis situation REDALERT
Road-smoothing machines STEAMROLLERS
Simple shirt TEE
Venerable rag doll ANN
Fleece source EWE
Go on to say ADD
Troop group ARMY
Abbr. like ”mlle.” SRTA
Almighty, in Arles DIEU
Cost of a commercial ADFEE
Did bartering TRADED
Current-control devices CIRCUITBREAKERS
Old Testament queen ESTHER
It comes from the heart AORTA
What you eat DIET
Light brown shade ECRU
Ill-mannered RUDE
Winding curve ESS
Vietnamese noodle soup PHO
Actress Vardalos NIA
Veto NIX
Surges of enthusiasm GROUNDSWELLS
007 film villain ENEMYSPY
Mag page design LAYOUT
Garden pest MOLE
South African golf great ELS
Bed size TWIN
Consult with SEE
Sowing machine SEEDER


California peak SHASTA
Nervous laugh TITTER
Hold dear ESTEEM
Tiger’s natural habitat ASIA
Cosmic fate KARMA
Rear with rudders STERN
Dustin, in a Watergate film CARL
Brunch serving OMELET
Coastal region TIDEWATER
Hardships ILLS
Signal to proceed CUE
Tool with a blade OAR
Edible kernel NUT
Live and breathe ARE
Get-go ONSET
Right-hand person AIDE
Bucks, e.g. DEER
What you wear, so to speak DUDS
Seagoing symbol of success YACHT
Concrete rod REBAR
Senegal’s capital DAKAR
Expected DUE
Blaze-battling gear FIREHOSES
Disloyal one RAT
Give up via treaty CEDE
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Nos. on maps RTES
Drinks for everyone ROUND
Link together COUPLE
Dispose of in quantity UNLOAD
Water down DILUTE
Old-Timers’ Day player EXSTAR
Be too interested PRY
Archipelago, essentially ISLES
On top of things AWARE
Where IBM trades NYSE
Literary governess EYRE
Caregiver’s designation EMT
At once NOW
Collegian posting to the Bullblog ELI
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