Newsday Crossword Answers August 02, 2020

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Author: Alex Rosen, edited by Stanley Newman


Fine sweater material ANGORA
”Top Chef” host Lakshmi PADMA
Big formal party GALA
Paper Mate competitor BIC
Did some home work ROOFED
21-time nomination for Streep OSCAR
Midmonth day IDES
Two less than ”tres” UNO
You, in ”Hamlet” THINEOWNSELF
Iron wear RUST
Prefix for system ECO
Film sequel title phrase SONOF
”Island of the Blue Dolphins” author ODELL
In the bag ALLSEWNUP
Cold War-era letters USSR
Winter weather SLEET
Extreme brats TERRORS
Sleepwear, for short PJS
Athlete with income PRO
Rubber-__ (approve unquestioningly) STAMP
Fish eggs ROE
Soother in lotions ALOE
Intentions AIMS
Much more than moisten SOAK
Toughen, as to hardship INURE
”I’m not impressed” MEH
Renege on a promise BREAKONESWORD
Soccer target NET
Bamboo-eating beast PANDA
Thick-skinned herbivore RHINO
”Look what I did!” TADA
Voicemails, for instance: Abbr. MSGS
Fly traps WEBS
Japanese film genre ANIME
What a speaker wants you to remember TAKEAWAY
Big fights MELEES
Lasting marks SCARS
Hotel for hounds KENNEL
Revises or revisions EDITS
Direction for batters STIR
WWW addresses URLS
Toy train sound TOOT
Pictures you can click ICONS
House overhangs EAVES
Tool and __ company DIE
One of a train station pair DOWNESCALATOR
Kind of thing ILK
Fashion sense STYLE
Isolate from others SILO
Tablet debut of 2010 IPAD
Rowboat implement OAR
Influence, so to speak CLOUT
Broody music genre EMO
NFL three-pointers FGS
Stuck (to) ADHERED
Eventually become ENDUP
Some nest eggs, for short IRAS
Approaches DRAWSNEAR
Empty fully DRAIN
”__ my watch!” NOTON
Yoga accessory MAT
Clothing label annoyance ITCH
Ties, blazers, etc. MENSWARDROBE
Edsel-era prez IKE
Political campaign RACE
Francisco’s ”fried” FRITO
Hard-sell urging ACTNOW
Turner or Danson TED
Poetry competition SLAM
City near Snowmass ASPEN
Puts no effort into, with ”off” TOSSES


Sculpture, theater, dance, . . . ARTS
L.A. district, for short NOHO
Decide to contribute GOIN
Pointless OFNOUSE
Sailing hazards REEFS
Commotion ADO
Place to swim POND
Wild equines ASSES
Big batteries DCELLS
Flamingo, in Wonderland croquet MALLET
Canine comment ARF
Any Brownie Scout GIRL
Former teen ADULT
Not as important LESSER
Body in a belt ASTEROID
Good, in Spanish class BUENO
Acquire, as a debt INCUR
Homes for hens COOPS
Anxious one WORRIER
Maximally ATMOST
Small songbird WREN
Practice punching SPAR
State of comfort EASE
Courtroom statement PLEA
Founder of Methodism JOHNWESLEY
Oracle of __ (Warren Buffett) OMAHA
Play with like a kitten PAWAT
Crank (up) AMP
Potatoey appetizers SKINS
Former film-biz giant KODAK
Befitting a monarch REGAL
Online crafts store ETSY
Genesis Biblical tower BABEL
Chilling ONICE
Apt to wander NOMADIC
Tools with teeth RAKES
Shops for sandwiches DELIS
Brief fanaticism MANIA
Take care of SEETO
Novelist Jong ERICA
Maze instruction ENTER
Deserve MERIT
Signs of winter SNOWS
Absolut alternative STOLI
Signs of spring BUDS
Bracing beverage TONIC
Hogwarts Potions professor SNAPE
Penn pal TELLER
Staying power STAMINA
Limits of Liverpool ELLS
Where eagles fly SKY
Old intro to guys DEARSIRS
Any day now SOON
Something added to gasoline ODOR
Marcus who cofounded MGM LOEW
In a way OFSORTS
Temporary acquisition RENTAL
Milking machine attachments UDDERS
Root vegetable TURNIP
Allow to join ADMIT
Duckling’s dad DRAKE
Couldn’t stand HATED
’40s cast album pioneer DECCA
Something to stick with PASTE
Corporate ”et al.” ANDCO
”Pardon me . . .” AHEM
Triumphant outburst IWON
Heaps TONS
Bassoon’s concert neighbor OBOE
Consecutive letters in the eight longest answers, eight different ways NEWS
Curator’s deg., often MFA
Squealer RAT
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