Newsday Crossword Answers February 14, 2021

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Author: S.N., edited by Stanley Newman


Diner staple EGGS
Wooden souvenir of Alaska TOTEM
Moral precept ETHIC
Stormy weather systems LOWS
Deftly done NEAT
Up and about AWAKE
DC’s subway METRO
Soprano showcase ARIA
Secured by seat belt STRAPPEDIN
Regatta craft CATAMARANS
What lexicographers keep on file USAGES
Belgian diamond center ANTWERP
Takes along BRINGS
All fired up EAGER
Like hot fudge GOOEY
Shrewd CAGEY
Was in command of LED
Small amt. of honey TSP
Spectrum slice RED
UK broadcaster BBC
Colleague of Dilbert TED
Out, in a bout KOD
”When there’s __, there’s . . .” AWILL
”Can’t __ just get along?” WEALL
Lord’s Prayer pronoun THY
Symbols for hugs OOO
Don’t go REMAIN
Gift package filler TISSUE
Sushi staple ROE
”Citizen Kane” studio RKO
Today’s phrase BEMYVALENTINE
Celebrated period ERA
Qualify for EARN
Get-together via Zoom TELEMEETING
It’s said like ”say” CEST
Between ports ATSEA
Enhanced audio releases REMASTERS
Hardware for 76 Across VASES
Dart team’s hangout PUB
Winery workers TASTERS
Precognition, for short ESP
Self-contradictory statement PARADOX
Film review graphic STARS
Busy person today FLORIST
Draws upon UTILIZES
UFO passengers ETS
Begin rapidly JUMPINTO
Irish Sea’s Isle of __ MAN
Heavy duty ONUS
Money in Milan EURO
Maximum level CAP
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Hip-hop dudes BBOYS
Flamboyant neckwear ASCOT
Food store GROCERY
Small songbirds WRENS
Menu selections ENTREES
How fries are fried INOIL
One of the Caribbean’s ABC Islands CURACAO
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Smashing, in show biz SOCKO
Generator’s spinner ROTOR
Tailor-made SEWN
Urban renewal candidate SLUM
Thin candle TAPER
Doesn’t get a Lyft UBERS
Printer paper holder TRAY
Ball-bearing pegs TEES
Trades verbal jabs SPARS
Moral precept TENET
”Paradise Lost” river STYX


Happen next ENSUE
What some openers open GARAGEDOORS
Not impromptu STAGED
”Lights out” melody TAPS
Be obliged to OWE
Self-congratulatory shout TADA
__ out a living EKING
Corporate coach MENTOR
Did the intros EMCEED
Visibly sad TEARY
URL opener HTTP
Long-term savings plan IRA
Search through thoroughly COMB
Rodeo rope LARIAT
They grow in groves ORANGETREES
Pegasus, for one WINGEDHORSE
Mouthing off SASSY
According to PER
Shape of a smile ARC
Adversity WOE
Short cybermessage TWEET
Cool off, with ”down” SIMMER
Short drama PLAYLET
Rouses to action BESTIRS
Yacht spots BASINS
Held fast CLUNG
Early ’50s war zone KOREA
Wall Street trader, for short ARB
Taco Bell’s ”experience more” slogan LIVEMAS
Chilly seasons WINTERS
Creator of the Finch family LEE
Irish poet YEATS
Yoga class greeting NAMASTE
Looks unstable TEETERS
Anne Rice protagonist LESTAT
Asian high land NEPAL
Island near Naples CAPRI
Autobahn auto AUDI
Cognac designation VSOP
Big lug BOZO
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Mountain predator PUMA
Sounds plausible RINGSTRUE
”Strange” starter XENO
Roll up FURL
Acting jointly INCONCERT
Steers clear STAYSAWAY
Unimprovable TOPS
Not spoken, but not written SUNG
National Grilling Month JULY
One not working STRIKER
Place for a ring EARLOBE
Gets lost SCRAMS
Sneaker part TOE
Graduate’s distinction HONORS
__-friendly (green) ECO
Mideast capital BEIRUT
Sound associated with 46 Down BRR
Cruel ones BEASTS
Experimental evaluations TESTS
Oktoberfest serving WURST
Toward Turkey EAST
Slippery bar SOAP
Innermost part CORE
Cameo mineral ONYX
Tax prep pro CPA
Prime time hour TEN
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