Newsday Crossword Answers February 15, 2021

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Author: Brad Wilber, edited by Stanley Newman


”Large” nickname for Dallas BIGD
Curve of the foot ARCH
Concert’s sound booster, for short AMP
Off-script remark ADLIB
Small stores selling sandwiches DELIS
Wine and dine WOO
Shake out of sleep ROUSE
Bank’s large safe VAULT
Gorilla or chimp APE
Plugged-in bedding ELECTRICBLANKET
__ Disney World WALT
”Wild” estimate GUESS
Fire department leader CHIEF
Bread that’s browned TOAST
Nary a soul NOONE
Bible or dictionary BOOK
Highest poker card ACE
With 38 Across, thick-fabric sleepwear FLANNEL
See 36 Across PAJAMAS
Overly lenient LAX
Price labels TAGS
Fully attentive ALERT
__ Sketch (drawing toy) ETCHA
Totally silly INANE
__ Arabia (Mideast nation) SAUDI
Multilayered hand warmers INSULATEDGLOVES
Peg for a golf ball TEE
Fairy tale meanie TROLL
Banish EXILE
Goof up ERR
Swiped STOLE
Thick, as fog DENSE
__ in ”Sam” SAS
Snow vehicle SLED
Requirement NEED


With no decoration BARE
Revered celebrity IDOL
Sticky stuff for scrapbooking GLUE
Frisbee shape DISC
Tylenol alternative ADVIL
Laugh at or complain about REACTTO
Dues-paying group CLUB
Small mountain HILL
No longer napping AWAKE
Verse writers POETS
Read __ the lines BETWEEN
Male deers STAGS
UK military flying group RAF
Almond or cashew NUT
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Elaborate deception HOAX
Rustic hotel INN
”How clumsy of me!” OOPS
Initials meaning ”alias” AKA
Super Bowl org. NFL
Unexciting, informally BLAH
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Give a hoot CARE
Superlative suffix EST
And so on: Abbr. ETC
Made sounds with a key ring JANGLED
Pie __ mode ALA
Graceful antelope GAZELLE
University Web address ending EDU
Leans slightly TILTS
Common suffix for verbs ING
Locations SITES
”It’s the end of __” ANERA
People downloading apps USERS
Loafed around IDLED
__ and crafts ARTS
Hammer or screwdriver TOOL
Large plow-pulling beasts OXEN
What a grape grows on VINE
”So what __ is new?” ELSE
Edible sunflower bit SEED
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