Newsday Crossword Answers February 16, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Karate blow CHOP
Segments of a play ACTS
Old West pursuit group POSSE
”Very funny!” HAHA
Sycamore or maple TREE
Pester ANNOY
Auction website EBAY
Dash or marathon RACE
Make fun of TEASE
Blaze battler FIREFIGHTER
Green holder for peas POD
Takes the wheel STEERS
Sings alone SOLOS
Heart test: Abbr. EKG
”Be right with you!” INASEC
Go the distance LAST
”Me? Never!” NOTI
Passenger plane staffer FLIGHTATTENDANT
Edible ice cream holder CONE
Notion IDEA
Opinion piece ESSAY
Section of an anthem STANZA
Race, as an engine REV
Rich layer cake TORTE
”High” esteem REGARD
List ending abbr. ETC
Letter deliverer MAILCARRIER
Back-to-health program, for short REHAB
Banquet platform DAIS
”Yes, that’s clear” ISEE
Accused’s excuse ALIBI
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Relatives of 72 Across ELKS
Have a feeling SENSE
Stags and does DEER
Admit the truth, with ”up” FESS


Gourmet cooks CHEFS
Customary behavior HABIT
Chicago airport OHARE
Check recipient PAYEE
In jeopardy ATRISK
Rugged cliff CRAG
Computer repairers TECHS
Look after SEETO
Store’s customer PATRON
__ in a million (rare) ONE
Break sharply SNAP
Nothing special SOSO
Closely observed EYED
Just out of the oven FRESH
Privileged group ELITE
Contents of hourglasses SANDS
Feeling pleased GLAD
In order (to) SOAS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Minneapolis or Miami CITY
Cpl.’s subordinates PFCS
Very much ALOT
__ colada (rum cocktail) PINA
Insurance seller AGENT
Devoured ATE
Bit of a constellation STAR
Small jeweled crown TIARA
”Not in a million years!” NEVER
Horror movie menace ZOMBIE
Pencil end ERASER
__ over (helped through difficulty) TIDED
Fill with delight ELATE
”Good __!” (Charlie Brown lament) GRIEF
Supermarket path AISLE
Offends the nose REEKS
Gown, for example DRESS
Historical periods ERAS
Prefix for phone or vision TELE
Where a goatee grows CHIN
Quote as a reference CITE
Belly muscles ABS
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