Newsday Crossword Answers February 18, 2021

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Author: Steve Faiella, edited by Stanley Newman


Misstep SLIP
Mexican marinade ADOBO
”Knock it off!” STOP
Yearn (for) PINE
TV host O’Brien CONAN
Hemingway nickname PAPA
Outlandish, as an idea OFFTHEWALL
Big bovines OXEN
Agribusiness giant DEERE
Workout activity LIFTING
Missteps ERRORS
__ fides (credentials) BONA
Minimum historical level LOWWATERMARK
What to call a clipper SHE
Ultimate goal AIM
Something to stream MOVIE
Birth of a notion CONCEPT
Swear to what you saw TESTIFY
Celebrity elite ALIST
One’s thing BAG
__ Moines DES
5’4” or so, for women MEDIUMHEIGHT
Canadian singing superstar DION
Searched for SOUGHT
Remorseful feeling SADNESS
Up __ (stuck) ATREE
Wind-quartet member OBOE
Ethically superior position HIGHGROUND
”And another thing . . .” ALSO
Eagle nest AERIE
Pull apart REND
Highly insightful KEEN
Plain talk PROSE
Leave in stitches SLAY


Wedgwood rival SPODE
Career soldier LIFER
Deduce from evidence INFER
Lorry fuel PETROL
Highly skilled ACE
Industrial Average name DOW
Off __ tangent ONA
Something to cast BALLOT
Surfing the Net, say ONLINE
Catch sight of SPOT
Urban transport TAXI
Shop window sign OPEN
Guilty feeling PANG
Medal earner HERO
Raises cash crops FARMS
Equal exchange SWAP
Slangy sound of impact BAM
Humorist’s talent WIT
Word: Fr. MOT
Highly devoted AVID
Plentiful RIFE
Alicia once of ”The Voice” KEYS
Swindler’s plan SCAM
Tunnel, essentially HOLE
Oklahoma city ENID
CBS police franchise CSI
Chopin practice piece ETUDE
Mai __ cocktail TAI
Seuss’ green stuff EGGS
Jerry’s partner BEN
Unfortunate event MISHAP
Sock merchant HOSIER
Wintry coating HOAR
Instructs privately TUTORS
Oliver Twist meal GRUEL
Dye for temporary tattoos HENNA
Bear with a ribbon TEDDY
Drench SOAK
Up to it ABLE
Prescribed amount DOSE
Vividly colored NEON
Cultivation, in product names GRO
__ Majesty the King HIS
”Imagine that!” GEE
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