Newsday Crossword Answers February 20, 2021

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


From where pesto originated GENOESE
Former Snickers shelfmate MARSBAR
Takes flight AVIATES
Organic solvent ACETONE
Sleepwear that may reduce split ends SILKCAP
Thames activity REGATTA
Federally registered western Nation UTE
First job for many BABYSITTER
Caltech’s home PASADENA
Bowling ball residue OIL
Acrobats to compete at the 2024 Olympics BREAKDANCERS
Big name in bronzers and blush ESTEE
What a siren may clear the way for EMT
Insignificant amount SOU
Seating for oboists WOODWINDSECTION
Letter opener ELL
Snack to dispense with PEZ
Brunch selections LINKS
Belfast-born film star REA
What returns cover TAXYEARS
Lines to read carefully SMALLPRINT
It’s nothing ZIP
”Young Frankenstein” wear LABCOAT
Last Women’s World Cup champs TEAMUSA
With no one AWOL ALLHERE
One offering coverage INSURER
Signs off on BLESSES
Pollen producers STAMENS


Trip prep step GASUP
What got Lloyd Webber three-fourths of his EGOT EVITA
Four-Emmy sitcom brother (1995-2004) NILES
Early environment for whiskey OAK
Shortening in semi-sweet chocolate ETC
Battalion builder SEABEE
Islas Canarias owner ESPANA
Molly, more formally MARY
Old hands ACES
Indefinite district REGION
Critical comments STATIC
Keeps confined BOTTLESIN
Price to play ANTE
Bring to maturity REAR
Cheesy, saucy casserole BAKEDZITI
”No animal shall sleep in __”: Orwell ABED
Put pencil to paper, perhaps DREW
Tweets to one, for short DMS
Took ATE
Board member ROOK
Balls of fire SUNS
Source for feta EWES
Step on it SOLE
Hoppy concoction IPA
Spectator protection for drone races NET
Some models’ makeup CLAY
Antler’s end TINE
Smucker’s alternative WELCHS
Examples of light symbolism HALOES
Predator among insects MANTIS
Range covered EXTENT
Shade seen above AZURE
Quit lying RISEN
Duels with fists or phrases SPARS
Some meat or concrete SLAB
Thing with an anchor MALL
Make less edgy? PARE
Short courses RTES
__ whole ASA
Queen ___ MUM
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