Newsday Crossword Answers February 22, 2021

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Author: Sally R. Stein, edited by Stanley Newman


Golfer’s shout FORE
Remote place to ”worship from” AFAR
Sound of a dog’s bark WOOF
Occupied, as a seat TAKEN
Just adequate SOSO
Rebound, as a sound ECHO
Showed on television AIRED
Farmer’s ground SOIL
Tilt to one side LEAN
Slowing lever on a car floor BRAKEPEDAL
Vehicle in grocery stores CART
Topper on an ”i” DOT
Shades of color TONES
Disposable hanky TISSUE
Jeans fabric DENIM
Ready to serve from a keg ONTAP
Value of a nickel FIVECENTS
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Gem surface FACET
Castle’s watery ring MOAT
Ungracious competitor SORELOSER
Impulsive speed HASTE
Mile-a-minute speed SIXTY
Pep rally cry GOTEAM
Parking-lot spot SPACE
Guys MEN
Drag from behind PULL
Foliage on a forest floor TREELEAVES
A Great Lake ERIE
Holler YELL
Weighing machine SCALE
Close to NEAR
Bygone time PAST
Tot’s three-wheeler TRIKE
Schoolroom furniture DESK
Poems of praise ODES
Cravings YENS


Impartial FAIR
Cajun veggie OKRA
Have an unpleasant aroma REEK
Eventually became ENDEDUP
Desirable feature ASSET
Anything edible FOOD
Largest continent ASIA
Bun or bagel ROLL
Small rug at an entryway’s floor WELCOMEMAT
Atlantic, for instance OCEAN
Chicago airport OHARE
Typefaces FONTS
Bar bill TAB
Writer Edgar Allan __ POE
Game’s first X or O TIC
Tips of shoes TOES
Delve __ (investigate) INTO
Principal performer STAR
Employee on a store’s floor SALESCLERK
Risky, informally DICEY
At any time EVER
Tennis court barrier NET
Quickly FAST
Odor-sensing organ NOSE
”Bye-bye!” TATA
Flower stalk STEM
Supposedly sly animal FOX
Be untruthful LIE
Truthfulness HONESTY
Hair salon goo GEL
Make purchases SPEND
Turn to mush in a blender PUREE
Criminal’s false name ALIAS
Mistake in print, for short TYPO
Sit with a book READ
Otherwise ELSE
Real estate measure ACRE
Egotistical VAIN
Large antlered animals ELKS
Get a look at SEE
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