Newsday Crossword Answers July 04, 2020

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Shields from capture, perhaps ABETS
High-pitched protest PEEP
Conversation starter PSST
Philosophical palindrome TENET
Rescuers in whodunits ANTIDOTES
Conversation ender LATER
Beer mugs, e.g. STONEWARE
Overshoot, say ERR
Two-Oscar actor who wrote ”My Russia” USTINOV
Henceforth’s opposite YET
Crack ACE
Touchy subject? TACT
What a goose egg can indicate NORUNS
Suppress, with ”down” SLAP
Beach eater GULL
Conical firewood shape TEPEE
17 Across alternative TATA
Hard to handle, in a way GREASED
Big name in Haitian rap WYCLEF
Immerses thoroughly STEEPS
It might go with a miniskirt MODESTY
Name from Ancient Greek for ”desire” EROS
Rummy offerings BABAS
Proceed deviously WORM
Edible part of anything MEAT
Laurel Weaver, in ”Men in Black” AGENTL
”You’re my only hope” speaker in a ’77 film LEIA
Some Jamaican jams SKA
You might have a ball with it TEA
Calms, as a crisis DEFUSES
Faith’s opposite, per Kierkegaard SIN
Touchy subject HOTPOTATO
Regular slipper KLUTZ
”Power pellet” for 28 Down ENERGIZER
Reina Tudor MARIA
Don’t recognize DENY
Road __ TEST
Stabilizes EVENS


As a consolation ATLEAST
Treat shaped like toes BEARCLAW
Urgent petition ENTREATY
__ shot TEE
Carriage designed to be noticed STRUT
Out too late PASTCURFEW
Spender of £17 million for a rowing lake ETON
Ascribe to PINON
Explosive sound POW
Don’t turn in STAYUP
Composed SERENE
Six-legged bug TSETSE
Two-legged bug DEVOTEE
Had unwanted flexibility SAGGED
Pay off REDEEM
Screen icon since the ’80s PACMAN
Plan A’s antithesis LASTRESORT
Be obstructive to STYMIE
Picture posted on many a pole LOSTDOG
Diamond former PRESSURE
Get something through your head SOAKITIN
Salt and oxygen, to chemists SOLUTES
Triplets, quatrains, etc. STANZAS
Got into hot water BATHED
When many stand alone AGEONE
Overcome BEATEN
Start to go LETIT
Offer to help ASKME
Shake FAZE
Dig too deeply PRY
Place for a pit stop LAV
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