Newsday Crossword Answers July 21, 2021

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Author: Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


Minor quarrel SPAT
Lengthy story SAGA
Metallic sound CLANK
Amazing thing LULU
Lay out in advance PLAN
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Afghanistan neighbor IRAN
Pealed RANG
Stave off AVERT
Something for a sipper DRINKINGSTRAW
Poetic dusk EEN
Label on luggage TAG
Nondairy coffee order SOYLATTE
”C’mon, help me out!” BEAPAL
Top of a royal flush ACE
First prime minister of India NEHRU
Former late-night host Jay LENO
Rulers, for instance MEASURINGSTICKS
Tree’s exterior BARK
Full of sediment SILTY
Pub glassful ALE
Makeup pencil EYELINER
”Little piggy” of rhyme TOE
According to PER
Sets out on foot HITSTHEBRICKS
Developmental stage PHASE
Spouse of Zeus HERA
Level-headed SANE
Performer’s parts ROLES
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Well-matched, as a contest EVEN
Big-eyed baby bird OWLET
Smell awful REEK
Canary food SEED


Skidded SLID
Contented kitty’s sound PURR
Jai __ ALAI
Route through a mountain TUNNEL
Dash entrant SPRINTER
Moonwalker Shepard ALAN
Group of cronies GANG
Nervous feeling ANGST
Pay with plastic CHARGE
Volcanic flow LAVA
Again, from the top ANEW
Negative conjunction NOR
Makeup in a box KIT
Actor Reeves KEANU
Bar bill TAB
Brazilian dance SAMBA
What surrounds Hawaii OCEAN
Feel a longing YEARN
”Step right __ way” THIS
Bert’s Muppet pal ERNIE
Ring great Muhammad ALI
Nut for a pie PECAN
Foot-shin connector ANKLE
Successful dieter LOSER
Mean, as some crowds UGLY
Retail item no. SKU
Stop, to think about it STEPBACK
Mary __ Moore TYLER
Swear (to) ATTEST
__ Angeles Lakers LOS
Spring blooms IRISES
Anesthetic of old ETHER
Office corridor HALL
”Understood!” ISEE
Roll-call reply HERE
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Underground chamber CAVE
Shin-thigh connector KNEE
Drop in the mail SEND
Soccer player on a salary PRO
”In what fashion?” HOW
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