Newsday Crossword Answers July 22, 2021

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Author: Fred Piscop, edited by Stanley Newman


Flat hat TAM
Ruckus FLAP
Fiction genre HORROR
Concern for oneself EGO
Much of paella RICE
Very small swimmer AMOEBA
Tourney favorites TOPSEEDS
Gasps or grins REACTS
Cash in Kolkata RUPEE
Indispensable team members COREGROUP
Boot-camp command ATEASE
Olympics jacket logo USA
Expend USE
Carried out DID
After everyone else LAST
Took off on APED
Shore up SUPPORT
NL Central team STL
Travolta’s first film with Tarantino PULPFICTION
”Great Big World of Science” author NYE
Senator in action ENACTOR
Smooch BUSS
Fails to be ISNT
Place at risk BET
Novelist Patchett ANN
Aesthete’s interest ART
”Fifty Shades . . .” woman STEELE
Swimmer with flippers SKINDIVER
Anagram/antonym of ”unite” UNTIE
Achy, say INPAIN
Town’s principal road MAINSTEM
Took off on COPIED
Touchpad kin MICE
Second of all EVE
Tablet accessory STYLUS
Beverages rated by bitterness ALES
Symbol for stopping RED


Four of a kind TETRAD
Guinea pigs’ cousins AGOUTIS
Dealt with a spill MOPPEDUP
Releases FREES
Remain prone LIE
Current choices ACDC
Coin in Chihuahua PESO
Long-eared hoppers HARES
Horseshoe-shaped letter OMEGA
Jet-engine sound ROAR
Win back RECOUP
Incapable of insight OBTUSE
Sounded scratchy RASPED
Lunar plain SEA
Unvarying practice RUT
Run away (with) ELOPE
Comics bark ARF
Farm structures STIES
Bits of wit PUNS
Work hard at PLY
Quirky habit TIC
Channel once seen on many airport screens CNN
Unimproved NOBETTER
Take over for RELIEVE
They’re fundamental BASICS
Free from tangles UNKNOT
Unduly curt SNIPPY
BBC competitor ITV
Overflowed (with) TEEMED
Airy farewell ADIEU
Lemon leftovers RINDS
Gets ready, as a grand TUNES
Recent USNA grad ENS
In-a-pinch coat hanger NAIL
Austen novel EMMA
Commuter line RAIL
Word before pack or pick ICE
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