Newsday Crossword Answers July 24, 2021

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Author: Matthew Sewell, edited by Stanley Newman


Hard to read at the table POKERFACED
Substance GIST
Leading to a judgment EVALUATIVE
Winter Olympics venue before the Helsinki Summer Games (1952) OSLO
Hitting the nail on the head WELLSTATED
Brand for those who watch their tone OLAY
Hershey employee who became a rival REESE
More than fully cover INUNDATE
Amenities for upscale campouts ACS
”Who has deceiv’d thee as __ as thy self”: Franklin OFT
”Título después del matrimonio”: Abbr. SRA
Modern bibliography listing URL
Duke of Soria, vis-à-vis King Felipe VI TIO
Onetime HuffPost parent AOL
Unsociable ALOOF
Golf club design specs LOFTS
Star that might be yellow DWARF
Principle of harmony TAO
Word from the Greek for ”skill-less person” IDIOT
Asp kin in Psalms ADDER
Brassy bearing STRUT
JFK predecessor (by nine years) LGA
Certain class uniforms GIS
One of Harrison’s heroes HAN
Coy rejoinder MOI
Rickshaw family member PEDICAB
Expound on nothing in particular YAK
Avatar embodiment GOD
Hymn recorded by Caruso AVEMARIA
Fill in the blanks, speculatively INFER
Be all over the map ROVE
Durable group OLDFRIENDS
Smartphone add-on SKIN
Court arbiter NBAREFEREE
Catch used as currency in old England EELS
What the Tibetan Plateau caused to form GOBIDESERT


Support for the faithful PEW
Put too much into OVERCROWD
Course with what Martha Stewart calls a ”powerhouse vegetable” KALESALAD
Mag into trendspotting ELLE
Thor’s mother in the Marvel Universe RUSSO
Momentous FATEFUL
Minimum opener ATA
Travelers joined it in 1998 CITI
Knots up EVENS
Cut out DEDUCT
Content provider? GOODMOOD
Practice following a lunar calendar ISLAM
Add to the list SLATE
Handled lightly, with ”with” TOYED
Crush something NAILIT
Taco truck descriptor ASADA
Exhibits, with ”out” TROTS
Antipathetic LOATH
Paleoanthropological paradise AFRICA
Initial venture FORAY
Action or war FILMGENRE
It’s carried out TOGOORDER
Tranquil STAID
Disciplinary programs REGIMENS
Kept out of view? UNAIRED
Swimsuit cover-up SARONG
Consider in detail PARSE
Call up EVOKE
Unfortunate, ”poor” person DEVIL
Hairy-footed hero/narrator BILBO
Diver’s defense KNIFE
Very little ADAB
Consultation remunerations FEES
Time for many an MGM premiere FRI
Kept anchored SET
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