Newsday Crossword Answers July 27, 2021

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Author: Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Remnant of a chopped-down tree STUMP
”March King” John Philip __ SOUSA
Ready-made lawn material SOD
Mistake ERROR
Removes from power OUSTS
Teacher at a golf course PRO
Late December school vacation WINTERBREAK
Ewe’s mate RAM
What contact lenses cover EYES
”__ the season to be jolly” TIS
Suffix meaning ”inhabitant” ITE
Long guns RIFLES
Cooped up CONFINED
Nest-egg acronym IRA
Nod off DOZE
Lavish party GALA
Nevada gambling city RENO
Castaways’ transports RAFTS
”__ never work!” ITLL
Chores to do TASKS
Used to be WERE
Reschedule for later DEFER
Enticement LURE
Make level EVEN
Rocks taken from mines ORES
Long-tailed rodents RATS
Come to a halt END
__ choice (exam type) MULTIPLE
Helpings after seconds THIRDS
”Either you tell them, __ will” ORI
Hunters’ org. NRA
Lima or garbanzo BEAN
Unfilled, as a time slot: Abbr. TBA
Warm-weather Olympics SUMMERGAMES
Label on a gift TAG
Clinch the deal, informally ICEIT
Garden statuette GNOME
__ in a million (rare) ONE
Uncool people NERDS
Busybody YENTA


Assemble with thread SEW
Two less than penta- TRI
Large coffeepot URN
Lodging near an interstate MOTEL
Victimized, with ”upon” PREYED
Weeps loudly SOBS
Your and my OUR
Be of __ (assist) USETO
Marks left by spills STAINS
Makes a request to get ASKSFOR
Post-thaw restlessness SPRINGFEVER
Deliver a speech ORATE
Having a rounded roof DOMED
Large vacation facility RESORT
Stiff as a board RIGID
Extremely angry IRATE
October color-changing of leaves FALLFOLIAGE
Official rebuke CENSURE
Highly impressed INAWE
Enthusiasm ZEAL
Paying careful attention ALERT
Cajun vegetable OKRA
General tendency TREND
Drops in the mail SENDS
Irish __ (hunting dog) SETTER
Brings under control REINSIN
Evergreen tree SPRUCE
Very furry, as a sheepdog SHAGGY
Inspirational slogan MOTTO
Of cities URBAN
Less plausible, as an excuse LAMER
Makes a wager BETS
Prefix meaning ”halfway” MID
Labor Day day: Abbr. MON
CPR expert EMT
Briny body of water SEA
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