Newsday Crossword Answers July 29, 2021

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Author: Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Secure, as a hoodie ZIPUP
What fitness fans fight FLAB
Performer often ”trapped in a box” MIME
Japanese watchdog AKITA
Southwestern wolf LOBO
Full house toppers, at times ACES
Neckline features of some children’s wear PETERPANCOLLARS
For example SAY
Text with a ! OMG
Home seen on Nat Geo AERIE
They drop water on fires from copters BAMBIBUCKETS
Frozen dessert designation SARALEE
Pose something ASK
Essential __ acids AMINO
Have available OWN
Got behind OWED
Rags-to-riches narrative CINDERELLASTORY
Brewhouse barrels KEGS
Stopping point END
Got dinner delivered ATEIN
Pollen holder SAC
Add to one’s age SENESCE
Frisbee’s original name PLUTOPLATTER
Part of France’s Parliament SENAT
Thing on a stalk EAR
Pressure letters PSI
Largest members of the largest insect order HERCULESBEETLES
Came to earth ALIT
Pop favorite IDOL
Meal for Oliver Twist GRUEL
Quipsters WAGS
Copy, in brief DUPE
”I want it now!” GIMME


Microwaves ZAPS
Buy-and-build retailer IKEA
”Oh, that’s too bad” PITY
Onetime Navajo foe UTE
2, for many mini-golf holes PAR
On fire, for dinner FLAMBE
Idea’s initiation LONGI
Grades that make a good average ABC
Late-October exclamation BOO
”Bohemian Rhapsody” Oscar actor Rami MALEK
Statement of sincerity ICARE
Reason for a raise MERIT
Outskirts of Sioux Falls ESSES
Fleshy fruit POME
Have not LACK
Musical battlers BANDS
Organic soother ALOE
Lecture, with ”out” BAWL
Sch. near Chesapeake Bay USNA
Emulate Attila SACK
Gallic gal pal AMIE
Sign of a commitment RING
Previous OLD
Swimmer that likes to play OTTER
Unpleasantries WOES
Male name from the Norse ERIC
Physics measure of force DYNE
Gather what’s sown REAP
Something extra in an env. ENCL
Not outlandish SANE
Annual DC speech SOTU
Unwavering STABLE
Infinitive for Monsieur Macron ETRE
Quaint complaint PSHAW
”Futurama” pilot LEELA
Dismantle, as sails UNRIG
Diplomatic skills TACTS
Storyteller before Aristotle’s time AESOP
Purple shade PLUM
Look to be SEEM
Certain volcanic geography ISLE
Go-cup top LID
Part of a prof’s contact info EDU
Meatloaf moistener EGG
Numerical prefix that sounds encouraging TRI
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